DEMISE Trailer & Poster Out: Love, Betrayal, Redemption – Coming to Digital + On Demand Feb 27


The eagerly anticipated film DEMISE is scheduled for its premiere on digital and on-demand platforms beginning February 27th. Alongside the launch of its captivating trailer and visually striking poster, DEMISE stands out as the definitive film highlight of the season, offering a cinematic journey filled with intrigue, deep emotional resonance, and thrilling excitement.

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Directed by the talented Yara Estrada Lowe and featuring an ensemble cast led by Carlo Mendez, Liz Fenning, and Crystal Hernandez, DEMISE is a contemporary noir that delves into the complex web of human emotions and relationships set against the backdrop of Los Angeles. The film intricately weaves the stories of its characters, leading to unexpected twists and turns that will keep viewers riveted.

At the heart of DEMISE is Caleb Castillo, a Latino landscaper living a dual life, entangled in an affair with the ambitious fashion star Fiona Hernandez, while married to the devoted Celine. The narrative unfolds as Caleb’s worlds collide, sparking a chain of events marked by love, deceit, and a quest for redemption. The film’s rich storytelling, combined with dynamic performances and a vivid setting, makes for an unforgettable viewing experience.

As DEMISE premieres on February 27th, audiences are set to be captivated by its intense story of love, deception, and revenge. Ideal for both drama enthusiasts and noir aficionados, DEMISE is poised to offer a memorable cinematic experience that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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