New Music Review: PRETTY CRIMES ‘Every Moment All At Once’

Raleigh, NC band, Pretty Crimes, debuts a new album featuring nine new tracks titled Every Moment All At Once. The album showcases the diverse sounds of indie folk and dream pop styled electronica.

Pretty Crimes states: “‘Every Moment All at Once’ is about the threads of connection people have with each other, and how all of these threads come together to form the sum of one’s identity. We wanted to explore how, through the relationships in our lives, we discover different facets of ourselves; some that we love, and some that are hard to grapple with that we wish to change.

The first song “Still Waiting” starts off the album with a welcoming vibe of lustrous guitars, pulsating drums, and rich vocals. The vocal work demonstrates their love of music and drawing the listener in for more. “New Years” follows up with a deconstructed 90s garage sound vibe that flows with soaring guitars and layered vocals. “Knowing Silence” is a 1960s throwback to the sounds of Belle and Sebastian that is a fun romp to bop your head to.

“Plans” is a slower paced indie pop song that dives into the concept of love. “If You Are There” sets the album with an electronica take to a different direction before segueing into a flowing keys rendition finale. “Another Day” begins with soft drums exploring the idea of finding the truth and what will work.

Every Moment All At Once delivers an entertaining and vivid listening encounter. The connection this album illustrates with the listener is deep and though provoking that gets better with each listen.

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