New Music Review: ISSA ‘Another World’

ISSA 'Another World' - COVER PHOTO

Rating: 9 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

ISSA is: Issa (vocals), James Martin (synths and BVs), Tom Martin (guitars and bass and BVs), Leon Robert Winteringham (guitars and BVs)

REVIEW – ISSA’s new album ‘Another World’ is a melodic hard rock masterpiece, earning a solid 9/10. Fronted by the powerful vocals of Issa and supported by James Martin on synths, Tom Martin on guitar and bass, and Leon Robert Winteringham on guitar, the album features a stellar lineup of guest musicians, including Melvin Brannon Jr, Dennis Butabi Borg, Pete Newdeck, Josh Tabbie Williams, Leon Winteringham, Phil O’Dea, and Robert Sall. This collaboration results in a rich, dynamic sound that elevates each track.

From the opening notes of “Armed & Dangerous,” which immediately gets you clapping, foot-tapping, and swaying, to the dreamy and introspective “All These Wild Nights,” the album takes listeners on a journey through a variety of emotions and soundscapes. “Only In The Dark” explores emotional memories, while “Never Sleep Alone” offers a catchy, melodic hard rock tune that lingers in your mind for days. “The Road To Victory” stands out with its spine-tingling composition, and the title track “Another World” encourages listeners to let loose and groove.

The nostalgic “Kick Of Fire” transports you back to the ’80s, encapsulating the era’s magical melodic hard rock vibe. “Got A Hold On Me” delivers with pounding drums, thumping bass, soaring vocals, and screaming leads, while “A Second Life” immerses you in emotional imaginations. “The Hardest Fight” envelopes you with soft melodies, providing a moment of calm before the album closes with the dreamy “Lost & Lonely,” perfect for drifting away.

‘Another World’ showcases ISSA’s ability to blend powerful rock elements with emotional depth, making it a must-listen for fans of melodic hard rock. The album’s diverse range of tracks, each with its unique flair, yet all tied together by Issa’s commanding vocals and the band’s cohesive sound, leaves a lasting impression. ‘Another World’ is more than just an album; it’s an experience that captures the essence of melodic hard rock and the emotions it can evoke.

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