Trinity of Terror Part 3

The Trinity of Terror has been terrorizing the US for over a year now and no-one wants it to end. Ice Nine Kills, Motionless in White and Black Veil Brides have sold out show after show. This particular show in Houston Texas was no different. Packed from front to back. They have brought the boys in Atreyu for this leg of the tour.

Up first was Atreyu, Sadly I was coming from Dallas Texas and the line to get in the building was massive and I missed majority of their set. I did happen to catch a few songs and they sound great and brought a ton of energy to start the show off. I’ll add the few photos I was able to snag.

Next was Black Veil Brides. Last time I shot the tour they headlined the show. It was nice to see the bands rotate headliners. Andy Black and the boys always have such a captivating stage presence. Guitarists Jake Pitts and Jinx are master at their craft. The visuals being played behind the guys just adds to the great stage performance that Black Veil Brides has. Always hitting with some of their biggest hits. It just seems like these guys never miss a beat.

Next up was horror masters, Ice Nine Kills, my personal favorites of the tour. I am a HUGE horror buff and their songs are just right up my alley. Felt like a shorter set but the hits they played made every second worth it. Opening with Funeral Derangements. Followed by Wurst Vacation and Hip To Be Scared. I have been use to them opening with Welcome to Horrorwood and was a little sad it wasn’t on the set list but they did bring a classic back with A Grave Mistake. Another one I haven’t seen them play live yet was Farewell to Flesh II. Pleasant surprise with this one. Always a great show with the INK guys!

Lastly we had a band that has grown on me over the last year. I always had a few of their songs on my playlists but I didn’t really listen to them as much as the other bands but with the release of their newest album and a few of the songs on there that have grabbed my attention I have become a new fan. Motionless in White with some special guests, The Cherry Bombs doing some awesome performances with the guys. They really turned up the performance aspect bringing the performers in with them. Hitting every hit they possibly could as well. Everyone lost their minds when they started Werewolf. With the dancers coming out as werewolves. I can say 1 thing about the guys in Motionless in White. They absolutely care about their fans and show it every show. They will do whatever they can to make it a memorable show. Highly recommend this tour.