Movie Review: GREMLINS 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray

GREMLINS 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray

Director: Joe Dante
Writers: Chris Columbus
Stars: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton

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REVIEW – I feel my young teens were the best time to be a movie fan. This week alone, I watched the 4K to Gremlins, this Sunday I am going to see both Ghostbusters and Clue at the movie theater again. To see Gremlins again was bittersweet in a way. This is the first time since 30 plus years that I sat down and watched this film. I originally saw this on a date in high school. I am not sure what her name was or if we really watched the film. I have owned the dvd and blu ray just in case I felt like watching it. When I stuck the 4k in my XBOX X, this was a truly engaging and beautiful experience. I feel we all know the plot and basics about the film. I feel this review should be about if it is worth it to buy the 4K transfer. The 2160p video quality on here is good in spots and questionable in others. I feel that much like the blu ray that the original master had to have issues that caused the opening to be so dark and grainy. If you have the blu ray already, the bonus features on this one is a little different. They have so much that was included on the dvd transfer that I was hoping for the triple dip into the pocket that they would have upped the ante. The dialogue is crisp and plays better in 4K.

The blu ray had moments that the sound felt uneven and others that the sound felt like it had other issues in terms of coming across clearly. The 4K does not have that issue. The way the actual Gremlins look is very clear and crisp. I felt watching this film like it was my first time watching it. I actually felt that the film aged very well. It did not feel dated as much as some others have. The acting and script is fun and so nostalgic for that era in cinema. This film was in an era when the multiplex wanted families in the theater. It gave us films like E.T. Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Sixteen Candles and so many others. If you do not own this film and have a 4K TV or an Xbox X, this film is a must for 4K. If you have the blu ray, the picture quality and sound are better. I wish this film would have given us more extras that were not on the dvd or blu ray. My hope now is that Warner Brothers comes out of the library and gives us Police Academy on 4K.

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