THE DIXIE DREGS Earning Strong Reviews As They Set To Kick Off Second Leg of “Dawn Of The Dregs Tour on April 11

DT:      APRIL 2, 2018
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Left to right:
Steve Davidowski, Steve Morse, Andy West, Rod Morgenstein, Allen Sloan
The critically acclaimed and reunited six-time GRAMMY®-Award nominated musical virtuosos THE DIXIE DREGS (a.k.a The Dregs) are earning strong reviews and generating wildly enthusiastic audience responses on their national “Dawn Of The Dregs” U.S. Tour, which began February 28 in Clearwater, FL *See critics’ quotes below.
Their performances are marking the first time in 40 years the original band–Steve Morse (guitar), Andy West (bass), Allen Sloan (violin), Steve Davidowski (keyboards) and Rod Morgenstein (drums)-has shared the stage. An early highlight of their 36-date tour came when Warren Haynes (Gov’t Mule) and jazz guitarist John Scofield joined the band for a blistering version of the blues classic “Crossroads” at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY on March 12.Guest musicians including Mark O’Connor and Reb Beach have also sat in with the band thus far, so fans can expect more surprise guests to join THE DIXIE DREGS on the tour’s second leg.
The next leg of the tour kicks off April 11 in Milwaukee, followed by a two-night stand at the Boulder Theatre in Boulder, CO April 13 and 14 as it heads west for various shows throughout California. To see the full list of remaining dates for the tour, including stops in Houston, Dallas, New Orleans and Memphis before wrapping in Atlanta on April 28 at Center Stage, visit:
“The Dixie Dregs original lineup performed at a level of virtuosity that was making this show a Year-End Top-10 candidate…No lyrics were sung, nor were they needed, as the Dregs charged through a two-hour set with seamless interplay and tasteful solos that never got indulgent.
“An intriguing instrumental fusion of hard, southern, progressive and jazz rock that never missed a step…this overview fulfilled a lifelong fantasy for its cult following.”
“The show didn’t disappoint. Each member of the band played flawlessly, each breaking away during a song and playing their instruments to perfection. Their sound, sometimes called ‘fusion,’ could also be called ‘progressive’ along with ‘jazzy,’ or simply put, ‘Rock’ in its truest form…The show was a joy to listen to and you had to have left satisfied or you weren’t really there.”
“Anyone attending a concert by the Dixie Dregs expecting to hear Southern rock will be treated to something way different and (with all respect) way better…[Dixie Dregs] perform instrumental works based on a variety of rock, jazz, metal and classical music but manage to sound like nothing we’ve heard before…Dixie Dregs’ jazzy, rock-ish music is unparalleled, and even their instruments show how uniquely they approach music, whether it be Sloan’s violin, West’s six-string bass, or Morgenstein’s elaborate drum kit…This group is the real deal: Musicians, with a capital ‘M.‘”
“The Dixie Dregs delivered a ‘No Bullshit Rock’n’Roll’ performance like no other. Music at its best. Totally top notch and five stars!”
An inspired set of real roots music. The Georgia outfit has been around for nearly fifty years and they still play with all the blazing fire of youth…Every song sounded fresh and filled with musical grace. Morse remains as dexterous a player as ever and the rest of the Dregs were equally impressive. Each jam was stratospheric and cool, each note redolent with thought and preternatural musical sense.”
In short, they killed it. They performed many of their live staples with aggressive panache, while debuting live versions of old songs they previously deemed too musically demanding to execute live…It was an evening of expertly executed, energetically performed, highly dynamic music. It celebrated the unique hybrid sound that they created years ago, but was still as pulsing and breathing onstage. It comes as no surprise that people who take music seriously, seriously dig this band.”
        –Roger Weisman, THE WASTER (New York, NY), 3/19/18
“Andy West (bass), Steve Morse (guitars), Allen Sloan (violin), Steve Davidowski (keyboards), and Rod Morgenstein (drums) separately are virtuosos on their instruments, but together this music is so much more than the sum of its parts…From the opening number, ‘Divided We Stand,’ we knew it would be a tight, expert night of Dixie Dregs music…It was thrilling – and a privilege – to hear and see these guys recapture the spirit and virtuosity they possessed in their younger days, and truly possess still.”
            –Mark Caicedo, PARKLIFE DC (Washington, DC), 3/12/18
“I can clearly attest, the Dixie Dregs showed no signs of their age affecting their playing on this night… the five members of the Dregs [are] having the time of their life as they sail though a two-and-a-half hour set…It was indeed a rare chance to see a classic lineup play and play so well.”
            –Ralph Greco, Jr., VINTAGE ROCK, 3/14/18
“From the first song, ‘Divided We Stand,’ one was immediately struck by how the music is united into a true group effort…And while virtuosic playing would seem to be a requirement of anyone playing this material, the melodic quality and clever arrangements of the compositions themselves are what raises the Dregs from being simply an ensemble with a hot guitarist to being a truly great band… The set displayed how well within a group concept five flashy players can come together as one to perform difficult passages and clever arrangements of songs in such a fashion as there doesn’t appear to be any showing off – there are truly no wasted notes.”
            –Eric Thiessen, ALL ABOUT JAZZ (Washington, DC), 3/18/18
“It was as if they had been playing for all these years together and each song was performed flawlessly.”
There was some truly amazing stuff happening on that stage that night. This the first time some of the members have played live in decades…From this performance, you’d never had known it as they were still as tight as can be and for this kind of music, you have to be. There is no room for error.”

“The Dregs’ music live is even more intense and just as technically-minded…The Dregs played two sets of impressive material…The style of the band’s music is very distinct – truly unlike any other…I would best describe their music as an adrenaline rush of sonic energy…No question about it, decades after they made strides in the music world as the new musical prodigy upstarts, the band still holds up to their legacy today…They don’t make bands like The Dixie Dregs anymore.”

This show was up there in the top 10-12 [live shows] I’ve ever seen. These guys are all virtuosos who are at the top of their game…This is a show you will not want to miss.”
“The Dixie Dregs invaded Chicago for a show to end all shows! A tour to end all tours! A reunion to end all reunions! A masterpiece of Prog power to end all PROG power…You see where I’m going with this…Yes, the Dixie Dregs have come together with an original lineup to bring us back to the classic glory days of real progressive rock music…Song after song was showing off the different facets of their style and sound…It was an evening like no other. The Dixie Dregs music was methodically carried out, tight and highly dramatic, and the musical composition for the night was so tight it was as if they’ve been on tour continually for decades…It was a magical evening.”

Left to right:

Steve Davidowski, Steve Morse, Andy West, Rod Morgenstein, Allen Sloan
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