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METALLICA: Every Release Ranked from ‘Worst’ to ‘First’

From the fiery thrash anthems of their early years to their more introspective later work, Metallica has left a resounding imprint on the metal music landscape. In this exhaustive ranking by Infrared Magazine, we dissect each of the band’s releases – studio albums, EPs, and live records – based on sound, lyrical depth, reception, and career significance. Venture with us on this journey through the illustrious career of Metallica, as we rank each release from ‘worst’ to best, revealing the incredible musical evolution of one of rock’s most enduring acts. […]

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Classic Album Review: METALLICA ‘Ride the Lightning’

Embark on a thrilling journey through Metallica’s monumental album, ‘Ride the Lightning.’ Join us as we delve into the historical context, track-by-track analysis, and the profound impact this release had on the world of thrash metal. From the blistering aggression of ‘Fight Fire with Fire’ to the introspective melancholy of ‘Fade to Black,’ we explore the dynamic range, technical prowess, and lyrical depth that solidified Metallica as heavy metal pioneers. Prepare to ride the lightning and immerse yourself in the raw power of this iconic album. […]

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Happy MOTÖRHEAD Day! Celebrate by Watching a New Animated Video for Their Grammy Nominated Cover of METALLICA’s Iconic ‘Enter Sandman’

“Motorhead Day brings a musical treat – a new animated video of their Grammy-nominated cover of Metallica’s iconic ‘Enter Sandman.’ Join the celebration and get the inside scoop of this iconic rendition at Infrared Magazine. […]

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METALLICA: M72 World Tour Live from Arlington, TX – A Two Night Event Coming to Cinemas

“Prepare for a cinematic extravaganza with Metallica’s M72 World Tour, live from Arlington, TX. This two-night event is coming to cinemas, offering fans an immersive experience of the band’s exhilarating performances. Get all the screening details at Infrared Magazine. […]