Summerland Tour 2021 Featuring Everclear, Hoobastank, Living Colour and Wheatus

The Summerland Tour was the brainchild of Everclear frontman Art Alexakis, who founded the tour in 2012. Since then, it has played host to a barrage of ’90s heavyweights, including Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Lit, Live, Eve 6, Toadies, Sponge, Marcy Playground and Local H. If anything, Alexakis knows his audience. This time around he brought a few of, in his own words, favorite bands ever. Hoobastank, Living Colour and Wheatus. 

First on deck for the Summerland Tour was those Teenage Dirtbags in Wheatus. Most of you know their big hit “Teenage Dirtbag” but they really pulled out some great songs in their set. They played a “Rush” song as well. Their set has 2 drummers as well. Madden Klass may be small but she can really play. They did keep everyone waiting until the last song for Teenage Dirtbag. 

Next up was one of my favorites when I was growing up, Hoobastank. These guys are absolutely great live. Doug Robb was bantering with the crowd the whole time. Having a great time. We did have a special night this night as it was Guitarist Dan Estrin’s birthday. They played all the favorites from Pieces, Running Away, Out of Control and ending the great set with everyone’s favorite The Reason and Crawling in the Dark.

3rd was a band most would know from Guitar Hero or former WWE Wrestler CM Punk’s entrance theme, Cult of Personality. Living Colour brought the metal funk to Fort Worth Texas. These guys had more energy than I could imagine having. Guitarist Vernon Reid can really freakin play. That man’s hands and fingers are so fast it’s hard to keep up. Bassist Doug Wimbish just slapped around that bass. Everyone has the energy and brings it out in the crowd as well. Drummer Will Calhoun and Singer Corey Glover didn’t let Vernon and Doug have all the fun. Corey with his colorful yellow track suit and bright pink hair commanded your attention with every word and just because a Drummer is in the back doesn’t mean he can’t get your attention. Will Calhoun kept that beat alive and thumping in your chest. 

Next up we had Art Alexakis and the boys in Everclear, the ’90s pop-rock darling who blared through 13 tracks, throughout the course of its hour-long set. That included such favorites as “Santa Monica,” “I Will Buy You a New Life” and “Father of Mine.” Art and the boys really did bring it all home. The nostalgia of hearing these songs from my past was so heartwarming. I caught myself just singing along instead of taking pictures. This was such a great time. You could just see all the happy people swaying to the music. I’m happy I was given the opportunity to cover this show.