New Music Review: THE C.I.A ‘Surgery Channel’

THE C.I.A. 'Surgery Channel' - Cover Photo

Rating: 9.0 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

THE C.I.A. is: Ty Segall, Denée Segall, Emmett Kelly

REVIEW – Let’s be honest… There are two kinds of music fans. The first one is who thinks they are above the music and has an opinion like they could do so much better. The other one is where I fall into, the one who wants to sit back and be taken for an adventure. That second one finds a personalization in the music, that  the music is playing just for them. The new album from The C.I.A, may not be for everyone, but yet I felt it spoke to me. Music is made to be difficult to understand, because it makes you work hard to find the answer or meaning to each note that plays in your ears. This is not grocery store shopping music, where single moms walk around snapping their fingers and middle aged men repeat the lyrics while thinking of ways to meet the single moms. Much like bands like Angelspit,  Crystal Castles and Cake Like, this is a band that throws everything at you and expects you to try and decipher it all on your own. “ Surgery Channel” is an obscure gothic , post-punk statement that I think music fans may want to follow. Denée is a very unique singer as she tries so hard to not be defined by her band’s sound.What had my attention on this band is the background of Ty Segall. The biggest positive is that this cd is such an unknown. A black hole of so many noises and styles that to define it will be hard, so we will not. “ Bubble” is the long lost Blondie, Missing Persons or Waitresses hit. It is synth-pop at its most pure form. I would recommend watching the video first. “ The Wait” is that college radio track that could help open the door for them.

I feel this band has so much to offer. At times on this record, Ty’s past resume does come into play, but the beauty of it is he has a vocalist who puts her stamp on it to make it feel different. I can see a lot of music critics really slagging on the band, as they are not trying to stand out in a crowded field that has bigger personalities and drama queens that gravitate towards critics feeling like they are part of the scene because of them. This band lets the music play and they just give us art that is so abstract but unique. I could see bands like Garbage wanting this band to open for them. This band is chaotic pop music for a generation that needs it. This cd is only the first sign of 2023 being a huge year for music. The bar has now been set for other releases. The doctor has arrived. The C.I.A have a cool sound and a lead singer who is so comfortable in the unknown. Highly Recommended.

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