New Music Review: TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION ‘Dark Side of Black’

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION 'Dark Side of Black' - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – Bands like Texas Hippie Coalition represent a fun time for music. This is drinking some beer with friends and rock guitaring or driving down the road with the player to loud as hell potential. People these days forget that music is about having fun. Where musicians put out more serious material and then bitch when it does not catch on. Where fans just listen to a song or band so they can have some negative opinion because they can type they are entitled to it. Bands like THC, Volbeat and Flogging Molly are a sad and dying breed. That band that is not out to change the world just to make it smile and have fun. A note to Gene Simmons, “ Heavy Metal and Hard Rock is not dead”. It is alive and well, it just lost its way but hopefully with this THC album is at least gets back on track. The best way to describe this blues southern heavy whiskey spewing rock is to say this is what Molly Hatchet would have sounded like on speed. The band has never sounded tighter and the songs have never sounded more ass kicking. This is a band who know how to compliment each other’s styles and really do not have a clue where music is heading and been, they are just happy playing in the dirt road of metal. The thing with this band, each of their releases have really set out to outdo the last one. And this is clearly their best record to date, just for the simple fact that this is just catchy sit back and chill hard rock that you get that guitar sound that you want to just rock out to and that vocal delivery that makes your head start to bang.

This is a very groove oriented band that the grooves this time out are sick and just sticking to their guns in what they knows fans will want from them. This is a band that I admit, some people will not get into. Then again there are some people who like to have fun, and some people just sit home and cry and bitch in front of a computer screen. This cd is the shot in the arm that music really needs right now, it needs people to forget the problems that this world brings, but just sit back and appreciate what you do have, what positives do exist. Music is never perfect, but a good band and song can make a lifelong impression. This band I feel makes music better when they are creating, than when they are not and we get all these serious bands that spew out how miserable and sad the industry is and how we should realize that music is dying. What a great band and this is another classic in their library of ever growing classic rock albums.