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A documentary film focusing on the current state of the music business and on how “the brand” of a rock group, in many cases, has more power than the band members themselves. Featuring interviews from David Ellefson of the Grammy Award-winning band Megadeth, Jack Russell from Jack Russell’s Great White, Nik Turner from Hawkwind, Dave Lombardo from Slayer, Marc Ferrari from Keel.

Director: Bob Nalbandian
Writers: Bob Nalbandian
Stars: Jean Beauvoir, Frank DiMino, David Ellefson, Marc Ferrari, Nicky Garratt, Pat Gesualdo, Dave Lombardo, Adam Parsons, Jack Russell, Nik Turner, Mike Varney

Rating: 7 / 10 Stars

Rating: 7 out of 10.

REVIEW – Lets be honest. When it comes to physical media. No one really buys cds anymore. It is sad to collectors like me. It is funny, all the musicians whining and bitching today about not making any money were the first ones to attack Lars Ulrich when he sounded off on Napster. If music stores have been closing for over a decade, how long do you feel the music industry as a whole is going to survive? That is a debate that is becoming loud as each day passes. With, Band vs Brand we learn about this and other topics. Did you know The Troggs have been touring for years with no original members? Also, do you know who the fuck this band is? As a music fan for the better part of 50 years now, it is sad that fans have become selfish and greedy and in the same breath so have musicians. How many Great White’s do we truly need? How many L.A. Guns? How many comeback albums by bands that have maybe one original member? Frankie Banali is touring with Quiet Riot. A band that has zero original members. We hear from a decent selection of speakers that really break no new ground on the topic at hand. That does not mean this was not entertaining, because it kept my interest. Much like, the Tower Records documentary, I feel this is a topic that deserves much more time and more people to speak on it.

I found the topic of music downloading, very fascinating. Where I was a Napster and Pirate Bay downloader, I was also a buyer as well. I used sites like that to sample music that I was on the fence about buying. Other people used sites like that to have files full of cds that they were not going to buy. This film touches on the topic very interestingly. Almost like a matter of fact matter. You have to really feel for musicians that agree to do these documentaries along with radio personalities, they know they are doing this for the easy buck. Which there is nothing wrong with it, if they were to call me for a documentary about music or horror, I would sell out as well. As a whole, the topic feels worthy of a return with different personalities and opinions. I liked this enough to mildly recommend it. Jack Russell of Great White has a few moments here and there in this film, as does Marc Ferrari. You have to really feel for them, they blew all that money and today look back with stories to remember who they once were.

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