New Music Review: SUMMER CANNIBALS ‘Full Of It’

SUMMER CANNIBALS 'Full Of It' - Cover Photo

SUMMER CANNIBALS is: Jessica Boudreaux (vocals and guitars), Cassi Blum (guitars), Devon Shirley (drums), and Ethan Butman (bass)

Rating: 9 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

REVIEW – Let’s be honest SUMMER CANNIBALS is not the most catchy of names. But, this 3rd record by them and the first for their new label KILL ROCK STARS could change all that. Remember when KILL ROCK STARS just lifted the lid on the underground in the very early 90’s and let the loud voices of feminism and anti-corporate scream, claw and fight for any grip in the music industry it could. This was the label that introduced me to the concepts of riot grrrl and all the all powerful zine. It seems that the label is going back to the root with this album. Jessica Boudreaux comes across on this album as a star. The band know how to compliment her vocal style and also give the listener so much personality and heart to stand out for their contributions more than a backdrop. This album I feel the pressure was on this band and they know that with the label behind them, it was going to have a ton of eyes on them. I feel that they really got a bit more aggressive but also they want the songs to have a lasting effect on the listener once you turn it off.

The riffs are all over this record, the guitar sound is just so intoxicating. The lyrics range from pleading for validation to believing in something that she knows is doomed from the start. The delivery to me felt like what people were expecting from the Distillers. The songs are pretty straight forward and do not overstay their welcome. This is a band who wear their influences all over their sound. Just a Little Bit, you would have expect from Sonic Youth later in their career. This is also a band who wear their emotions on their sleeve as well, some of the songs on her do pack such a wallop. You feel the band went to a therapy session and a cd came out. Where most female punk pop bands try to be cute with their approach or songs, this is a band who is very serious and have no problem with substance over all else. This cd is worth the buy or listen, this is a band that is really creating exciting new music.

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