New Music Review: SINHERESY ‘Domino’

SINHERESY 'Domino' - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – Sinheresy is a band that I feel people are going to judge unfairly. I will be the first to admit, their last cd “ Paint The World” was hit and miss. Where people were saying, “ Lacuna Coil lite” and crap like that. The only comparisons they have is that they are both Symphonic Metal bands that have duel vocalists of both genders and they are from Italy. “ Domino” I feel is a vast improvement as the band now seems more confident in themselves. The album kicks off with the title track and it is a very fast paced energetic song. The male and female vocals compliment each other with this backdrop that sounds like it came from a “ Fast and Furious” soundtrack. The synth work on this song is just brilliant. The band keep the pace going fast with the next track, “ Star Dome”. The vocals this time feel very passionate as they showcase what this band can do. The musicianship on this song is just stellar. The members each compliment each other. Where Lacuna Coil feels like Scabbia is alone and the band tries to play around her.

Cecilia has such a connection to the sound, you would assume she is making love to the atmosphere created. The guitar work and synth work on this song are so catchy and fresh. Track 4 is “ My Own Faith”, this is one of the slower numbers that starts off calm, and then the guitar storm hits. The riffs and solo on this song is going to win people over. This is a band who feel confident playing with each other. You would think listening to this album, that the band had something to prove to not only themselves but to the critics and fans. With “ Domino” it feels that the band is ready to come out of the shadows of the past, and showcase that they are going to make their own marks. If you are into bands like Nightwish, Epica and The Gathering, you will fall in love with this album if you give it a fair chance.

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