New Music Review: CELESTIAL WIZARD ‘Winds of the Cosmos’

CELESTIAL WIZARD 'Winds of the Cosmos' - Cover Photo

Rating: 7 / 10 Stars

Rating: 7 out of 10.

CELESTIAL WZARD is: Nick Daggers (guitars/vocals), Guillermo Jurado (STUDIO guitars/bass), Tim Gillman (Drums), Dahlia McAluney (LIVE Bass), Amethyst Noir (Vocals)

REVIEW – Celestial Wizard is a fantasy-inspired heavy metal band based out of Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2018, this heavy metal quartet delivers crushing riffs and grand stories of dragons and wizards. Seeking to stand out among the others, Celestial Wizard combines the best elements of death metal with symphonic and synthwave elements creating a unique and engaging sound.

In the beginning, they carried a symphonic, fantasy sound dousing every song with a healthy dose of strings, choirs, synthesizers, and the like. This vibe can be heard on their debut album “A Sinister Awakening” (2018). Intended to be a concept album, they marketed some of the limited edition tapes and mini VHS tapes as though the album was a movie, thus The tapes ended up getting put in the soundtrack section of record stores.

The next year, drummer Tim Gillman joined Nick Daggers (guitar/vocals), Guillermo Jurado (guitar/bass), and Amethyst Noir (vocals) and they slashed most of the unnecessary backing tracks and refocused the music on the riffs and the core elements of the band. The evolution is reflected in the second album ‘Winds Of The Cosmos’.

They deliver an energetic and engaging performance while keeping the sound tight. They make an effort each night to make their songs come alive and immerse the audience in their love for playing. They have played with bands including Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Insomnium, Nekrogoblikon, and Unleash The Archers. Combining their passions of Dungeons and Dragons, space adventure, and fantasy, Celestial Wizard takes influences like Arch Enemy, Metallica, Firewind, and Turisas and forge a path all their own!

The opening track of ‘Winds of the Cosmos’, “Andromeda,” provides melodies that develop to a spectacular climax setting the tone for the entire album. The second track, “Revenant,” has crunchy guitars, hammering percussion, thumping bass, and soaring and harsh vocals. The next track, “Ice Realm,” is a head-banging, fist-pumping, metal wizardry adventure. The next track, “Powerthrone,” will have the audience rocking, cheering, and breaking free.

The sixth track, “Eternal Scourge,” will drive the audience moshing till they drop dead. The following song, “Steel Chrysalis,” will have the whole audience thrashing and smashing. “Undead Renegade” is the sixth track and features thunderous drums, pounding bass, crunchy guitars, and sinister vocals. The next track, “Cyberhawk,” is a powerhouse pounding metal masterpiece that envelops the listener’s senses. The closing track, “Winds Of The Cosmos,” has crushing riffs, harsh vocals, thunderous rhythms, and screaming guitars.

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