Movie Review: HAIR I GO AGAIN

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Facing a midlife crossroads, two longtime friends risk everything as they set out to reignite their dreams of achieving rock and roll stardom, having previously failed in the 1980s.

Director: Steve McClure
Stars: Ron Keel, Eddie Trunk, Kyle Kruger

Rating: 9 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

REVIEW – HAIR I GO AGAIN is a documentary that was 30 years in the making. For the people who remember the metal band Convict in the early 80’s and wondered all these years what have happened to those lads. You may not remember that band, what about Tryxx? They were the band who looked like the new age Loverboy but sounded like they were going to tear up the charts someday. This is the story of what happened to that band as told thru the eyes of lead singer Kyle Kruger and guitarist Steve McClure. This documentary not only features this story but you also hear from almost every heavy metal or hair metal hero in the 80’s as they talk also about this band, what metal means to them and how to survive in this musical journey. The first hour seemed geared towards comedy elements and it has a Spinal Tap feel to it, most metal heads will relate to the humor and how the people interviewed and the reunion process seems to work or not work. The last part of HAIR I GO AGAIN is the human reality part, the part that most of us love living in the fantasy and ignoring. Where the film Anvil felt heavily scripted and you were forced to feel an emotion, this film feels very real, and at times almost too real. This film can be seen as almost the backhanded compliment.

The first hour HAIR I GO AGAIN shows you the fantasy aspect, then you get the slap to reality which will scare most people not to follow their dream. The biggest positive of HAIR I GO AGAIN is the candid interviews. There is a who’s who and some people that we have not seen in the spotlight or in any realm in ages. They added such a flavor to the story, that you were always waiting to see what they had to say or were thinking. The other positive is the way the story is laid out. It was creative to create this balance with the story. This film did not slow down or bog you down, it wanted you to feel the moment then we went to the next moment. The ending is what you would expect from this film, trust me if the ending did not happen the way it did, this film more than likely would never have been made. So people who will call it predictable or emotionless, are really not clearly thinking because how else can this story end. All and all, this is beyond a must for metal fans. This is the love letter that 80’s metal has been needing for a long time. To see Bullet in the Chamber in the studio living their dreams was worth the price of what you pay to see this film. It was a magical moment that every musician aspires to have. Kyle and Steve should take a bow, this is a great film and they showcased that metal will never die as long as you believe in it.


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