New Music Review: ARDOURS ‘Anatomy of a Moment’

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Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

ARDOURS is: Mariangela Demurtas – Vocals, Kris Laurent – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

REVIEW – The alternative metal band ARDOURS recently released their sophmore album titled “Anatomy of a Moment.” It follows the 2019 release of their debut album, ‘Last Place on Earth,’ as well as the 2016 release of their “Eu4ria” covers EP (2020). Mariangela Demurtas, vocalist for TRISTANIA, and Kris Laurent, multi-instrumentalist and producer, established ARDOURS. The band creates an ethereal, atmospheric sound by fusing rock, metal, and gothic styles. In the same vein as their debut, “Anatomy of a Moment” features music composed by Mariangela’s TRISTANIA bandmate Tarald Lie. He collaborates with the group’s core members to produce a fresh and innovative album.

ARDOURS was founded in 2015 by Mariangela and Kris, two musicians with deep roots in the metal community of Sardinia, Italy. When Mariangela moved to Norway to join the band TRISTANIA in 2006, she and Kris kept in contact despite her departure from Italy. They each enjoyed the other’s music and agreed to collaborate towards the year’s conclusion in 2015. The dedication and labor that went into making their debut album, “Last Place on Earth,” and their most recent release, “Anatomy of a Moment,” are unmistakable.

Both ‘Last Place on Earth’ and ‘Anatomy of a Moment‘ were the product of the band’s dedication and tireless effort.

In order to give ARDOURS a more dynamic sound, Mariangela enlisted Tarald Lie, the drummer and songwriter for TRISTANIA, to join the band in order to contribute to the songwriting process. The combination of these three individuals personal musical styles has laid the foundation for a new and promising sound. When the lyrics and catchy melodies come together, they create a gothic atmosphere and a sound that is both full of energy and dream-like. Depending on your state of mind, this sound may either soothe you or provide you with a boost. ARDOURS musical influences range from rock to ’80s sounds, as well as some new wave, which Mariangela and Kris both love. Mariangela wants her voice to evoke emotion without being too complicated so that the words may convey a sense of nostalgy.

It’s impossible to listen to the opening tune “Epitaph for a Spark” without wanting to get up and dance, sing along, and let your feelings wash over you. As one listens to “Insomniac,” he or she will be transported back in time and reminded of significant memories. The vocals in “Identified” are incredible, and the riffs and rhythms are fantastic as well. Next up is “Secret Worlds,” which encourages listeners to close their eyes and daydream. The next track “Cold Revenge” has great vocals and keyboards that create a pulse that the listener will feel through ever fiber of their being.

The listener’s mind will wander with “Given.” Listeners will be completely immersed in the enveloping tunes of “Anatomy of a Moment.” “Dead Weight” is moving tune that will have the listener bouncing with the rhthym. There are some fantastic melodic elements from the 1980s in “Unannounced,” which transport the listener back to that era. ARDOURS close out ‘Anatomy of a Moment‘ with the hazy, memory-inducing “Chasing Whispers,” that will have the listener drifting along.

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