KORN and Evanescence Tour 2022

Tumbling through a thick rush of black clothing adorned with proud “Still A Freak” proclamations, Dos Equis Pavilion was overrun by the impenetrable mass that is the Korn fanbase. Definitely a nice nostalgic feeling. Along with KORN and Evanescence was Palaye Royale and Dana Dentata.

Up first was someone I was unfamiliar with, Dana Dentata. I don’t even know where to start to try and describe her and her style. Mix of the “Nu-Metal” along with the grungy hip hop. It is a wild ride from top to bottom. Daunting a leather bondage mask and an A.D.I.D.A.S. track suit. it was a hell of a wild time. Look her up. See this madness for yourself.

Next was a band I have been a big fan of for a while but I haven’t been able to cover a show, Palaye Royale. These guys are an absolute blast to watch. The emotions of lead singer Remington Leith are left out on that stage from the first song to last. Coming off a new album “Fever Dream” the guys are on a roll. This band really does command a stage when they are up there. It’s hard to pick a certain person to pocus on. Very entertaining group. They ended their tour with KORN and are set to head back out almost immediately coming back to Dallas September 16th. I will be there!

Next band to take the stage needs no introduction. Fronted by one of the most beautiful singing voices in rock in Amy Lee, is Evanescence. As the lights fade, Drummer Will Hunt walks out on stage and starts hitting a beat as a count down happens and Amy Lee appears up above his. A silhouette mainly as they start their set with “Broken Pieces Shine“. Followed by “Made of Stone” and “Take Cover“. Her voice hasn’t changed in the years of her doing this. Still as flawless as ever. Towards the end of their set the piano comes out and she does the classic “My Immortal” to a sea of phone flashlights lighting up the whole pavilion. Ending with “Blind Belief“, Evanescence still goes strong.

With the abundance of “Still a Freak” shirts through the sea of people. It was clear who people were here to see. As the lights turn off a huge “KORN” logo appears on the LED screens on the front of the stage while “4 U” plays overhead. As the song ends the guys take stage BEHIND the LED wall. At first I was unsure of this but you can see them very clearly and the visuals that are displayed on them are pretty trippy. 1st and 2nd songs were done behind the screen. (Those songs were “Rotting in Vain” and A.D.I.D.A.S.) As the third song was about to start the screen raised up and you had your first “real” glimpse of the boys in KORN as they blasted in with “Here to Stay“. Everyone was showing their true KORN selves. Johnathan with his trademark mic stand headband, Head flipping his dreads around and Munky with his bent over spin. Ray is an absolute beast behind the drum kit and newcomer, but not new to the game, Ra Diaz did an amazing job. We all love and miss Fieldy but Ra did his job and did it very well. With a staggering 16 song set list hitting more old school than I expected the end of the night was quite a surprise for those in attendance with Amy Lee coming out and doing “Freak on a Leash” with KORN. Always an amazing show by these guys. I will be there at the next one for sure.

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