International Supergroup VENTED Presents Their Debut Album ‘Cruelty And Corruption’

VENTED 'Cruelty And Corruption' - COVER PHOTO

Get Ready to Rock: Vented Presents Debut Album ‘Cruelty And Corruption’

VENTED, the international supergroup comprising the formidable talents of Sean Zatorsky (Daath/Sinsaenum/ex-Chimaira), Austin D’Amond (Chimaira/Bleed The Sky/ex-DevilDriver), and Gergo Hajer (Omega Diatribe), proudly presents their full-length album, Cruelty and Corruption.‘ Vented’s debut is a wild ride through the realms of groove metal, serving up sonic aggression, soulful melodies, intense vocals, and killer drumming.

The album’s production, helmed by the acclaimed HK Krauss (Dagoba, Sinsaenum, Betraying the Martyrs) at Vamacara Studios in France, showcases a raw and sonically brutal mix that demands to be heard loud and aggressive. ‘Cruelty and Corruption‘ is not just music; it’s an immersive experience that will make your head bang and resonate deep within your soul.

In a tragic turn of events, the original drummer, the mighty Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot/Vimic/Sinsaenum), who commenced work on the album with the band in 2021, passed away. In a testament to legacy and dedication, Austin D’Amond took up the drumming mantle to honor Joey Jordison’s memory and contribute to the completion of the album.

Three Killer Singles Set the Stage for the Album:

“The End Game”

 “My Desire”

“Requiem For Myself”

Cruelty and Corruption‘ is available for streaming on Spotify, while physical copies can be obtained on CD/Vinyl through Records, distributed by Season of Mist.

Cover & Tracklist


VENTEDCruelty and Corruption

01. I Am Death
02. Flawless
03. The End Game
04. My Desire
05. Vitriolic
06. Requiem For Myself
07. Withered
08. A New Trend
09. The Darkness
10. Vigil
11. In Question
12. Self Destruct
13. Zero
14. Final Hour (DIGIPAK bonus track)

Cruelty and Corruption‘ isn’t just an album; it’s a shout-out to all rock enthusiasts. Get ready for a wild ride!

Sean Zatorsky (vocals)
Gergo Hajer (guitar/bass)
Austin D’Amond (drums)

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