Exitus Stratagem Records – Vancouver’s THIRTEEN GOATS Unveils the Overture of Their Extreme Metal Rock Opera with Diabolical Video for “Sign of the Goat” Off New Album “Capricorn Rising” Out July 2024 + “Planet of the Goats Tour” w/ FALL OF EARTH

Exitus Stratagem Records – Vancouver’s THIRTEEN GOATS Unveils the Overture of Their Extreme Metal Rock Opera with Diabolical Video for “Sign of the Goat” Off New Album “Capricorn Rising” Out July 2024 + “Planet of the Goats Tour” w/ FALL OF EARTH


Montreal, QC – June 4, 2024


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THIRTEEN GOATS Unveils the Overture of Their Extreme Metal Rock Opera with Diabolical Video for “Sign of the Goat”

“Planet of the Goats Tour” w/ FALL OF EARTH

New Album “Capricorn Rising” Out July 12th, 2024 via Exitus Strategem Records

L-R: Thirteen Goats Current Lineup | Rob Fitz-Gerald (Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals) | Graham K. Miles (Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars) | Cody Lewichew (Bass, Gang Vocals) | Leonid Verman (Drums, Gang Vocals) – Photo Credit: Kevyn Lilith Hoskin


Vancouver, Canada’s Thirteen Goats is releasing a brand new single and music video to immerse metalheads in their upcoming concept album, “Capricorn Rising”.

The song, called “Sign of the Goat”, serves as the overture for the rest of the record—an extreme metal rock opera about madness, death, and the destruction of all things. The band comments on the single below:

“‘Sign of the Goat’ is the album opener and the prologue of our story. It’s told from the perspective of the 12 demon goats who accompany our mascot, Shepherd, during his quest to raise an army of animals and take back the earth from humanity. Musically, this song shows off our more technical side—but it also shows that we aim to be technical in a way that’s still catchy and memorable.”

This is the same type of narrative device used in ancient Greek tragedy or Shakespeare’s history plays to set the scene for the audience. In this case, however, the 12 demon goats take on the role of a chorus that tells the listener what they’re in for on the rest of the album and invites them to join the mayhem—or be trampled and swept aside.

Fans can expect “Capricorn Rising” to be a tour de force of metal mayhem, offering both headbanging anthems and introspective moments. The album explores a wide variety of different metal subgenres, but this new single is recommended for fans of Bolt Thrower, Archspire, and Lamb of God.

Watch and listen to the video for “Sign of the Goat” via NoCleanSinging HERE. ​

Digital pre-save – https://hypeddit.com/thirteengoats/signofthegoat​

Due out on July 12, 2024, “Capricorn Rising” is available from Exitus Stratagem Records for album pre-order at https://www.exsrmusic.com/store/p/pre-sale-thirteen-goats-capricorn-rising​​​

In additional news, following their performance at this year’s Armstrong Metal Fest (July 12/13), Vancouver’s Thirteen Goats announce that they will be hitting the road this July and August for their first Western Canadian tour. They will be co-headlining the “Planet of the Goats Tour” with Edmonton’s Fall of Earth.

Planet of The Goats Tour – Fall of Earth, Thirteen Goats​
July 19 – Red Deer, AB – The Vat
July 20 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
July 21 – Lloydminster, SK – The Sticks
July 23 – Brandon, MB – Eastside Eatery
July 24 – Winnipeg, MB – Bulldog Event Center
July 25 – Regina, SK – The Exchange
July 26 – Lethbridge, The Slice
July 27 – Calgary – Rec Room
July 31 – Kelowna, BC – Revelry
Aug 1 – Kamloops, BC -The Blue Grotto
Aug 2 – Penticton, BC – Clancy’s
Aug 3 – Vancouver, BC – The Fox Cabaret
More Dates TBA

Track Listing:​
1. Sign of the Goat (4:53)
2. Murder Lives in the Heart (5:30)
3. A Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing (4:10)
4. Global Fuckup (3:57)
5. Beheading Zoo (3:44)
6. Permission to Die (3:48)
7. Beating the Disease (4:24)
8. Goats of War (5:25)
9. Animal Kingdom (6:19)

More info: Exsrmusic.com | ThirteenGoats.com​


What the press said about 2022 album “Servants of the Outer Dark”:

#14 on Top 20 – Loud – Canadain College Radio – August 2022 (Earshot)

“An alchemical style reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse, Misery Index, classic Megadeth, melodic Swe-death, and all eras of Death and Carcass.” – Decibel

“Rips, we’re here for it.” – MetalSucks

“Perfectly marries old school death metal, blackened tendencies, and heavy metal choruses.” – Metal Injection

“THIRTEEN GOATS unapologetically raise the deathcore flag for the new decade and absolutely don’t care what people think.” – Exclaim!

“Think Vulgar Display of Power-era Pantera in a cage match with Cannibal Corpse and Ministry.” – The Georgia Straight

“A gut-punching and head-hooking offering of death metal that borrows liberally from many of the genre’s subsets, as well as bringing in elements of thrash, black metal, and grindcore.” – No Clean Singing

“With a name like THIRTEEN GOATS, it’s gonna be evil. It’s cool, thrashy, blackened groove metal, a little like a Lamb of God sound with a bit more heavy brutality going on and a dash of black metal evilness. Great stuff!” – The Mosh Pit on WORT 89.9 FM (Madison, WI)

“THIRTEEN GOATS make seriously good music and sound like they have a lot of fun doing it. They write great upbeat thrash songs with strong melodies that appropriately sway from sinister to camp and pull it off tremendously. For some classic charcuterie of extreme metal mixed with a bit of tongue in cheek, you’re well looked after here.” – Heavy Mag

“THIRTEEN GOATS is a new strength in the extreme scene.” – Metal Temple

“The starting point of Thirteen Goats and their debut album Servants Of The Outer Dark is death metal, but it doesn’t remain tied to it. They explore all types, including tech death and melodic death metal, and even genres outside of that like thrash, groove, and doom metal. Each song brings out a unique side to the band, whether it’s the politically charged ‘Prisoner’s Anthem’ or the body horror of ‘Sub-Being.’” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“Canada’s THIRTEEN GOATS are incredibly fun to listen to and at multiple points subtly humorous—and, as such, make themselves easily a breath of fresh air within the technical scene. That sense of fun is backed up with very proficient playing and dizzying creativity, far beyond what you would expect from a debuting act’s first full length… Servants of the Outer Dark is an excellent debut full-length from these guys and I can’t wait to hear more!” [9/10] – Metal Observer

“All you need is love? No. All you need is THIRTEEN GOATS. Their debut album has everything your heart could desire in a Metal record, it’s a metaphorical pizza with all the toppings and a better thrill ride of a first crack we defy you to find!” [8.5/10] – Metal Noise

“These guys have the ability and the chops to succeed, whilst channeling bands like Lamb Of God into their output.” – Man of Much Metal

“This is so good.” – Stephen Quinn, The Early Edition (CBC Radio One)

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