Erik & The Worldly Savages: Break Free

1. Brainwashed
2. Dry Fear
3. Sunshine
4. Glass Cage
5. Leaving
6. Burn my life

Erik & The Worldly Savages debut a new album titled Break Free. The six song EP is an eclectic mix of horns, bopping guitars, and steady drum beats for a great listen.

The first song “Brainwashed” is an epic explosive burst of frenetic horns looking into the concept of the social engineering of society. “Dry Fear” starts off with organs creating a haunting backdrop offering a dark perspective on society remaining in a state of fear and normality. “Sunshine” explores the idea of the feeling when sunshine never comes at a slower paced setting with soaring violins. “Burn My Life”encaptures the experience of departing and breaking away to leave the past behind.

This EP is a must listen to any fan of eclectic worldly music like Gogol Bordelloa, Many Chao, Kultur Shock, and Dubioza Kolektiv.

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