Movie Review: THE BYE BYE MAN

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Director: Stacy Title
Writers: Jonathan Penner, Robert Damon Schneck (based on
Starring: Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, Cressida Bonas

WHAT’S THE STORY – People commit unthinkable acts every day. Time and again, we grapple to understand what drives a person to do such terrible things. But what if all of the questions we’re asking are wrong? What if the cause of all evil is not a matter of what, but who? When three college friends stumble upon the horrific origins of the Bye Bye Man, they discover that there is only one way to avoid his curse: don’t think it, don’t say it. But once the Bye Bye Man gets inside your head, he takes control.

REVIEW – Many of horror movies are awful, but it’s uncommon to see one so terrible that it becomes amusing. The production of The Bye Bye Man seamed flawed from the beginning. The Bye Bye Man starts off enjoyably but quickly transforms into a bizarre film packed with situations with people that behave like dreadful caricatures. Their interactions frequently sound unnatural and often contain themes that appear ambiguous.

The titular monster was frightening with Doug Jones overcoming poor special effects and uninspired makeup while portraying The Bye Bye Man. The film utilizes horror movie clichés to scare the audience. Substandard makeup and special effects and cheap scare tactics bring the story to the screen. Movie audiences may feel irritated by the silly way the characters in the film function and interact. While some people may simply be scared of what The Bye Bye Man represents.

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