DARREN “DPAUL” WISE Releasees New Solo Track “Spirit Animals”

DARREN DPAUL WISE Promo Pic (2023) - Cover Photo

Dallas, Texas -based Guitarist Darren DPaul Wise is proud to announce the release of his guitar solo “Spirit  Animals”.  Darren Wise is a guitarist for the band “Empiires” and he is also known for his work on the Drew Pearson Live show ABC, NASCAR, MLB, film and commercial music.  

“Spirit Animals” guitar track is about linking melody with intensity. The riff centers on creating a groove with lots of energy to tell the melodic story with the solos.  The intent was to blend some traditional and modern rock to create something new that feels familiar.

Darren DPaul Wise: “Spirit Animals”

Produced by Alex Gerst
Recorded at Empire Sound Studios, Dallas Tx
Photography by Aaron Fairooz

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