TYSON MOTSENBOCKER Sings Graceful Melodies on ‘Milk Teeth’ // Out 9/23 via Tooth & Nail Records


Singer-songwriter Tyson Motsenbocker has announced his new album Milk Teeth, set to release on September 23rd via Tooth & Nail Records. He also shared the song + video for “Carlo Rossi (Love in the Face of Great Danger).”

“I tried to make this album about the fear of adulthood,”  Motsenbocker says. After generating tens of millions of streams and cultivating a devout fan base, he examines the jump from childhood to adulthood — or maybe just the space between the two — on his third full-length offering.

  • Motsenbocker preserves his youthful memories in his music, etching them into the fabric of the songs. The Washington-born and California-based singer and songwriter encases them in graceful melodies, upbeat soundscapes, and ponderous lyrics.
  • Milk Teeth was recorded in Orange County, California with producer Nathan Cimino, drummer James McCalister, bassist Patrick Dodd, and keyboardist Mabhew Wright.
  • Thematically reflected in the title (another name for “baby teeth”), the music struck a sweet spot akin to the “summer after you graduate from high school where you’re walking the line between the confusion and excitement of childhood and the gravity of being an adult.”
  • Previously released were the full-length albums Letters to Lost Loves (2016) & Someday I’ll Make It All Up To You (2020) and EP’s Until It Lands (2010) & Rivers and Roads (2013).

“I spent my twenties in a house by the beach in San Diego. All we did was make music and surf, all of the time. I arrived at this endless summer, but it was the emptiest place I could imagine. I felt like my life hadn’t started. During the months before this record, I realized I was actually living though. A big part of growing up is the realization you spend your whole childhood dreaming, but when you get ‘there,’ it’s nothing like you hoped it would be. It was time to embrace adulthood by embodying it entirely, embracing the miracle of surviving your childhood, even with disappointment that accompanies it.”

Tyson Motsenbocker

Milk Teeth is a coming-of-age record — with a twist!