THE WOODS ARE REAL Drops Chilling Trailer & Poster: A Folk Horror Adventure Awaits Digital & On Demand March 12


Dive into the heart of folk horror with the release of THE WOODS ARE REAL, set to haunt digital and on-demand platforms on March 12th. Accompanying this announcement is the unveiling of a spine-tingling trailer and a hauntingly captivating poster, marking THE WOODS ARE REAL as a must-see for fans of suspense and the supernatural.

Watch the Trailer | View the Poster

Under the visionary direction of Alix Lambert and featuring performances by Matt Dellapina, Campbell Scott, Chinasa Ogbuagu, and Nick Westrate among others, THE WOODS ARE REAL weaves a terrifying narrative. Joba and Quincy, a modern Brooklyn couple who epitomize progressive ideals, face their ultimate test when a trip to a secluded cabin turns into a nightmare. Stripped of their digital identities and financial security by a sinister force, they are plunged into a harrowing ordeal that challenges their survival and beliefs.

Set against the eerie backdrop of a forest that seems to close in around them, this story combines elements of folk horror with a contemporary twist on the biblical tale of Job. The couple’s encounter with analog remnants of a bygone era—rotary phones, religious iconography, an Edison machine—sets the stage for a spiritual and physical trial of survival.

As THE WOODS ARE REAL prepares for its much-anticipated release, it beckons to all lovers of horror and suspense to step into a world where the past and present collide in the most unsettling ways. Mark your calendars for March 12th and prepare for a film experience that promises to keep you riveted and pondering long after the credits roll.


Catch the chill with the trailer and get a glimpse of the horror that awaits in THE WOODS ARE REAL.

Don’t let this cinematic journey into the heart of darkness pass you by. THE WOODS ARE REAL is not just a film; it’s an immersion into fear, folklore, and the fight for survival against unseen forces.