The Earthly Flames: Taped Over

1. My Worst Self
2. For a Blue Girl
3. A Few Steps
4. Monocacy
5. Stay Strangers
6. Dying, yet Gaming
7. Irish Goodbye
8. You Got a New Dog
9. Pixels
10. Watch Out for That One
11. Taped Over

Maryland experimental rock band, The Earthly Flames, debuts a new album titled Taped Over. The 11 track set features the captivating vocals of Gabriel Walsh along with his bass, guitar, banjo, harmonica, and drums. He enlisted the assistance of the talents of Neil FitzGibbon on the fiddle, Daire Mulhearn on accordian, David Stone on uilleann pipes, Mike Ballard on harmonica, Nikola Ristevski on trombone, Mike Damnjanivski on tuba, Maria Grigoryeva on violin, and Lyudmilla Kayrbaeva on cello.

The opening song “My Worst Self” begins with a soft guiar strum bringing gentle percussion working in tandem for a relaxing paced listen. “Stay Strangers” exhibits a calm energy with transcending 1960s inspired sounds. “Irish Goodbye” brings the listener straight to Ireland with engaging drums and string instruments for a setting in a pub. “Watch Out For That One” draws the listener in with gentle guitars and a rolling drumbeat. The closing song “Taped Over” features a layered sound of guitars and strings to bring the album to a fitting end.

The Earthly Flames excels at sylistic shifts throughout their album for a listen that never disappoints.

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