SHADY GROVE (2022) - Cover Photo


1h 34m | Horror | Not Rated | 25 October 2022

A young couple, Shaina and Mark, attend a music festival with their best friend Elijah on their annual pilgrimage away from their work heavy city lives. It’s also something of a farewell trip for the couple because they are expecting, though they haven’t told Elijah, yet. Their plan is to tell him at the beautiful cabin they found on a vacation rental app. Upon arrival the host is nowhere to be found, but she has left instructions for them on the door along with a gift basket of wine. Everything is perfect except the faint smell of death that only the pregnant Shaina can smell. After a visit by two beautiful women, Shaina quickly becomes suspicious – things just don’t add up. When Elijah disappears, she and Mark begin to search frantically for their friend, only to discover that they’re being hunted by figures wearing skinned animal masks.

Director: Dale Resteghini
Writers: Nathan Dalton, Niki McElroy
Starring: Niki McElroy, Todd Anthony, Victoria Baldesarra, Juhahn Jones, Becki Hayes, Jackie Ritz, Sydney Morgan, Mohammad Abou-Abbas

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