‘Senseless American Tragedy’: New Album From X-Ennials Out Today

NASHVILLE, TN (October 29, 2021)X-Ennials, the native Nashville alternative-rock band, are making their musical debut with their two-part, pandemic-themed album, Senseless American Tragedy. Out today, the album brings back ‘90s rock sonics with full guitar riffs and heavy footed drums. Aaron Willschick V13 raved: “Both a political statement and an ode to perhaps the greatest decade of rock music ever, Senseless American Tragedy casts a wide appeal to fans of rock, both young and old.”

“The word ‘senseless’ is quite key with the title,” says X-Ennials frontman Anthony Davis. “The months of disinformation and downplaying from the Trump Administration in the incredibly pivotal early months of Covid-19 set off a cataclysm of the absolute disaster that we still find ourselves in.”

Serving as a Nashville City Councilmember for eight years, Davis pulled from his political background to make his inaugural musical release. “When the pandemic was raging in early to mid-2020, this stuff just started flowing and I started writing lyrics,” says Davis. “Being a public servant for eight years and a political person, of course I took a bent and a narrative that is my truth. . .coupled with the loss and tragedy that most of us were shocked from. I was very much inspired by the actual victims of Covid-19 in America and their personal stories.”

Produced by Bobby Holland and Adam Bokesh [The Daybreaks] at  Pentavarit Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, the album guides listeners through the motions of battling Covid-19 and recapping different sentiments individuals felt from start to present in the ongoing pandemic. The album features contingent commentary from the American people as well as the United States government. 

Senseless American Tragedy’s Part 1: The Horror is kicked off by “Don’t Break,” which not only establishes its hard hitting ‘90s rock sound, but also the narrative of the album’s concept.  The Horror addresses the fear, aggravation, confusion and restlessness that many faced in the beginning stages of the pandemic. 

Part 2: The Aftermath sets the tone of immediate loss and grieving. “Don’t Go It Alone” captures realizations and motivation that no one has to navigate the pandemic by themselves. “You may have lost your partner, but their message to you is to hold onto their memory, but don’t look back, move forward — you are not alone,” says Davis

The album cover art, designed by Adam Bokesch, further ties in to the United States’ reaction to the pandemic. The faded upside down American flag stands for a nation in distress. “If over 700,000 dead Americans [per the CDC] don’t qualify as distress then I don’t know what could,” says Davis.