Rockshots Records – VICTORIA K Releases Enchanting Cover of Madonna’s ‘Frozen’

Rockshots Records – VICTORIA K Releases Enchanting Cover of Madonna’s ‘Frozen’


Montreal, QC – April 19, 2024

VICTORIA K Releases Enchanting Cover of Madonna’s ‘Frozen’

Melbourne Gothic Metal powerhouse Victoria K have recorded their own heavy rendition of Madonna’s iconic 1998 ballad, ‘Frozen.’ Victoria K brings their dark and tenebrous stylings to the classic with heavy riffs and the judicious incorporation of harsh vocals, while at the same time paying tribute to the soulful and introspective nature of the song with more dulcet moments led by frontwoman Victoria Knight’s hypnotic voice.

Reflecting on the journey of recording the song, Knight reveals, “’Frozen’ is one of my favourite Madonna tracks, I’m so excited to be breathing new life into the song.”

She continues, “We’re hoping that with this cover, we can bring a new and fresh sound to Victoria K.” Fans can indeed look forward to a bigger Victoria K sound than ever, as ‘Frozen’ is mixed and mastered by the deft hand of Lance Prenc, whose work includes some of Australia’s biggest heavy acts such as Alpha Wolf, Thornhill and Void of Vision.

Victoria K exploded into the minds and ears of Australian audiences with their 2019 hometown support of Swedish Folk Metal legends, Eluveitie. The band then took the Gothic Metal world by storm with the release of their debut album, Essentia. Although the now-infamous 2020 pandemic struck on the eve of their first headline show as the world entered lockdown, Victoria K was undeterred by this setback. While touring was off the cards, the band embraced the opportunity to deliver a live-streamed show direct from the studio where Essentia was recorded, providing a beacon of Gothic celebration in the darkest of times. The show is now available as the Essentia – Live Isolation Concert DVD.

Since the world’s emergence from the pandemic, Victoria K has hit the road in earnest, touring Australia in support of Essentia and their 2022 follow-up, Kore. Kore exponentially expands the beguiling soundscape of Essentia as Knight sonically explores the mythology of her Greek heritage. In addition to Knight’s majestic lead vocals, Victoria K’s current touring line-up includes Charlie Curnow tearing up the stage on harsh vocals, Adyn Young leading the melodic charge on guitar, Ethan Colussi holding down the bottom end on bass, and the indomitable percussive machine of James Davies on drums.

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“I have always loved a good concept album being a Prog head at heart and there are lots of progressive metal records floating around the constant stream of modern metal. But for me, none so well produced, performed and as inspired as this one. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the waters of concept albums this is most defiantly the one to try. It’s not dry or heavy going like some and you don’t need to have a degree in Astrophysics to enjoy it. Long gone the image of thick-rimmed glassed music professors in flares noodling around in impossible time signatures. Now there is new blood, new energy and WHAT a voice, it truly has left me with goosebumps. This young talent from Melbourne Australia is really going places. And I for one will be really keen to see quite how far she can go.” (Kore) – Metal Roos​
​“a really enjoyable record (Kore)” – Sentinel Daily​
​“Victoria K. are refreshingly different and very profound on “Kore”. Symphonic Metal gets a breath of fresh air here, both lyrically and musically.” (Kore) – Dark Divas​
​““A Divine Revelation”, is one of my favorites off this album. Victoria’s depth of character and love for this story can be felt with every note she sings. She is “alive” in this story as if it were real. You can feel it in her vocal delivery. So much time and effort was put into delivering the lyrics and story in just the right way. I take my hat off to her and the band for trying to bring such a powerful story to life with music. She sings in Greek to add to the authenticity of this masterpiece.” (Kore) – Progressive Rock Central​
​“How nice it is that the power in her voice does not decrease, but increases. No high warbling but pure power. Just listen to ‘A Divine Revelation’ for example. Do you like bands with their own sound and who know how to bring something new? Then put this on.” (Kore) – Arrow Lords of Metal​
​“Lovers of symphonic metal listen up… because Victoria K is about to put Australia on the map.” – Heavy Magazine



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