New Music Review: THE END MACHINE ‘The End Machine’

THE END MACHINE 'The End Machine' - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – Leap Of Faith stand up sing and sway along to a very natural groove with some excellent musicianship.    Hold Me Down great guitar melodies that just grab ahold of you with some punchy rhythms and a stand up shout and clap along riff. No Gain is very slow and bluesy close your eyes and just drift along with some scorching leads and great vocals. Bulletproof has a slow slinking bluesy riff that just takes you away as you close your eyes and join the musical trip. Ride It fast heavy fist in the air melodic hard rock with amazing leads tight as a drum rhythms and soaring vocals. Burn the Truth has a backwoods Cajun feel with loads of emotions searing leads soulful vocals and foot tapping rhythms.  Hard Road is a get in your car crank up the tune and just rock out as you cruise on down the road. Alive Today some interesting guitar sounds that envelop you stand up fist pump clap foot stomp and just rock out. Line Of Division get you up and has you involved in the tune from the screaming guitars pounding rhythms and soaring vocals till the last beat. Sleeping Voices close your eyes and just drift along with some melodic guitar work and emotional leads slow bluesy rhythms and emotional vocals.  Life Is Love Is Music sway groove and clap along as the rhythm just takes you over and has you grooving along.

THE END MACHINE is: Robert Mason – Vocals, Mick Brown – Drums/Vocals, George Lynch – Guitar, Jeff Pilson – Bass/Vocals