New Music Review: SABBATH ASSEMBLY ‘Sabbath Assembly’

SABBATH ASSEMBLY 'Sabbath Assembly' - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – September 11th, The Sabbath Assembly returned with their highly anticipated fifth record. The first thing you notice off the first two tracks Risen from Below and Confessing a Murder that this band is more hungry than ever before. The track Confessing a Murder harkens back to their Ye Are Gods roots for a catchy little dark tune that will have long term fans in total ecstasy while new fans who are praising the works of Lucifer and Ides of Gemini may get converted. The biggest difference this time around is that they sort of broke away from the Process Church of the Final Judgement and those overtones to create a very dark and moody piece of art that will captivate you while it sucks you in. The theme on this record is about embodiment and also self-powers to stand up to the human race. Like their past records this cd borders on beautiful, heartfelt to just dark and intense. I know the past records with the readings and mixed messages had limited appeal, I feel this time they have created a record that may be more open to a broader base. If you want to see a vocal delivery, check out Jamie in the first few tracks who deliver this catchy hypnotizing erotic 70’s inspired delivery than the last track Shadows of Emptiness just is so bare and heartfelt, Jamie shows people that she can create a balance from catchy to heartbreaking. Unlike past offerings there are more metal offerings this time, the first four tracks come out of the ashes of the skies on fire from the angels crying for the catchiness of this band. Jamie shows that she is not only beautifully emotional but she is also dark and sinister as well.

The musicianship this time out sounds tighter with more doom and gloomy feel yet more in sync with the direction of the material. In the past I feel that the message hid all what this band was all about. This time around the message is how great this band truly is. While I feel Quaternity and Ye Are Gods were incredible records but I felt like they alienated most listeners who may feel that they were being forced into beliefs. This record is less message and more about what this band is really capable of delivering. I feel fans are not going to be quite prepared for the passion and hunger this band has on display this time out. What a great album by such an underrated band that I feel this time should get more eyes and ears in their direction. Women in Metal is dead, Jamie has transcended both labels. She is the bridge between Grace Slick in the psychedelic 60’s and Janis Joplin if she was influenced by Black Sabbath and Rare Earth. If you were a fan before this record, you will dig this one a lot. If you are new to this band, this is a great introduction. This is one of the best records of 2015, no fuck that this record is the one that Sabbath Assembly needed to make to show people they are to be taken very serious. This is not your grandparents’ metal.