New Music Review: MARK MORTON ‘Anesthetic’

MARK MORTON 'Anesthetic' Web Cover Photo

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REVIEW – Cross Off shredding guitars emotional vocals pounding rhythms just hit the pit slam and sweat away. Sworn Apart fist pumping bodies slamming and sweating just hang on and try to survive the ride.  Axis some amazing acoustic guitar work with plenty of feeling and some excellent vocals. The Never fast heavy fist pumping guitar shredding metal mayhem. Save Defiance pounding rhythms shredding guitars thumping bass just stand sway and sing along. Blur is a slow heavy song with plenty of searing leads that just pierce thru you. Back From The Dead fast heavy hit the pit and just slam away as you sweat and fist pump. Reveal is a very melodic song that will have you closing your eyes and drifting along with a very bluesy jazzy feel. Imaginary Days will have the entire crowd singing swaying and moving to the heavy groove. The Truth Is Dead emotional guitars float in the airwaves with some emotional vocals before it turns into a punch in the throat and just grab ahold for a wild ride tune.

MARK MORTON is: Mark Morton – Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Marc Ford – Guitar, Paolo Gregoletto/ Dave Ellefson/ Mike Inez – Bass, Alex Bent/ Roy Mayorga/Ray Luzier/Steve Gorman – Drums, (Vocals) – Chester Bennington/ Jacoby Shaddix/ Mark Lanegan/ Chuck Billy/ Jake Oni/ Myles Kennedy/ Mark Morales/ Josh Todd/ Naeemah Maddox/ Randy Blythe/ Alissa White-Gluz