New Music Review: LITTLE BIHLMAN ‘The Legend of Hipster Billings’

LITTLE BIHLMAN 'The Legend of Hipster Billings' - Cover Photo

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

LITTLE BIHLMAN is: Little Bihlman (vocals/guitar/drums/percussion), Dug Pinnick (bass), Josh Paul (bass), Ron Meyers (guitar/bass), David Detweiler (keys/organ), and Alicia Faith (background vocals)

REVIEW – Emmy-winning singer-songwriter LITTLE BIHLMAN’s new studio album The Legend Of Hipster Billings is scheduled to release on June 17 through Metalville Records.

The Legend Of Hipster Billings is a rock album with a strong Americana vibe. All of the original songs and tales are based on real-life experiences, and they’re inspired by anything from motorcycles to sunlight to coffee to dirt to whiskey to rain to tattoos to scars. Taking you from Chicago to Nashville, the Mississippi River, South Dakota’s badlands, Utah’s gorgeous mountains, and Las Vegas’ bright lights, The Legend of Hipster Billings takes you on a musical journey into the heartland of America. You’ll reemerge again into the warm embrace of Los Angeles at the other side.

Miles Fulwider (Wynton Marsalis, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, and Chick Corea) and Andrew Glasmacher were responsible for recording and producing ‘The Legend of Hipster Billings’. With ‘The Legend of Hipster Billings’ LITTLE reflects on his personal experience as well as his collaborations with such renowned musicians as John Fogerty, Trey Anastasio (Phish), Dug Pinnick (King’s X), and famous bluesman Son Seals.

Using profound lyrics, gritty guitar riffs, gospel harmonies, and irresistible rhythms, LITTLE gives this album a fresh, modern perspective on Americana rock, which gives it a unique strength.

BIHLMAN’s compositions exemplify a sincere approach to the heart and soul that unites us all.

LITTLE has been featured in more than 50 songs on TV/movies worldwide, including major networks such as FOX, ABC, CBS, and Netflix, as well as in the award-winning series Sons of Anarchy, Days of Our Lives, and most recently Big Sky.

Little Bihlman has forged a path along the American rock highway, distinguishing himself as a multifaceted musician and composer. LITTLE is a seasoned performer who has shared the stage with several rock and blues superstars at world-famous settings, including the White House with blues legend Son Seals. LITTLE has collaborated with Grammy-winning producers throughout the years, including Jim Gaines (Journey, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Huey Lewis and the News), Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, The Cars), and Bruce Robb (Cherokee Studios, to mention a few).

To kick off “The Legend of Hipster Billings,” LITTLE BIHLMAN performs the song “Tooth and Nail” Listeners will be enveloped by the infectious rhythm of the song. There is a bluesy catchiness to the second track, “Gotta Get,” which draws you in. The following song, “Money, Lies, Hate, and Drugs,” is a time-traveling musical adventure. Just shut your eyes and dream to “It Ain’t Easy.” A wave of nostalgic feelings will wash over you when LITTLE BIH performs “Lay Your Burden Down.”

“Radio,” the album’s sixth track, is a captivating jam that will have you swaying all night long. “Straight Time” is the next song on the album, and it’ll have you drifting along to the soft rhythm of the instant classic. Crusty blues chords, thrashing percussion, scorching lead guitars, and heartfelt singing characterize “Shine On.”  “The Game De Nouveau,” the album’s tenth track, will leave listeners filled with nostalgia. The next song, the heartfelt “Isla,” will have you swaying and singing along in little time. LITTLE BIHLMAN closes out ‘The Legend of Hipster Billings’ with the shorter radio version of “Lay Your Burdon Down”.

These melodies, like a long-lost love, call you to live in the now and savor the wonder of life.

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