New Music Review: HVALROSS ‘Running the Gauntlet – EP’

HVALROSS 'Running the Gauntlet' - COVER PHOTO

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

HVALROSS is: Gerben van Oosterhout (vocals), Barry Veeke (guitar), Maarten Vermeulen (bass and backing vocals), Tristan de Rijk (drums)

REVIEW – HVALROSS’s latest EP, Running the Gauntlet, emerges as a profound and exhilarating journey through a landscape of historical narratives and introspective explorations, encapsulated within a trio of meticulously crafted songs. Each track not only showcases the band’s musical prowess but also delves deep into the human psyche, blending mythology, history, and personal struggle into a compelling auditory experience.

The opening track, “Running the Gauntlet,” serves as a powerful metaphor for the internal and external battles one faces. Drawing inspiration from a brutal military punishment, the song is a vivid narrative of a nighttime escape fraught with both physical and mental obstacles. The instrumentation mirrors the intensity of the chase, with relentless rhythms and surging riffs creating a palpable sense of urgency. The ambiguity of the pursuers—whether real or imagined—adds a psychological depth to the track, challenging the listener to question the nature of their own fears and adversaries. The accompanying video further enriches the narrative, providing visual cues that are open to interpretation, adding layers to the song’s meaning.

“Mercenary Knight” offers a stark commentary on the futility of war and the plight of those caught within its grasp. Through the eyes of a mercenary knight, the song explores themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the forgotten victims of historical conflicts. Musically, the track stands out for its epic scope, blending heavy guitar riffs with a melancholic melody that reflects the knight’s internal conflict. The lyrical content resonates deeply, painting a vivid picture of the battlefield and the complex emotions of a warrior empathetic to the footmen’s inevitable fate. This song skillfully bridges personal narrative with broader historical critique, inviting listeners to reflect on the cycles of violence and the human cost of war.

The EP’s closing track, “Helios,” shifts the focus from human conflicts to divine contemplation, exploring the perspective of the Greek sun god Helios. As he traverses the sky in his fiery chariot, Helios observes the follies of humanity from his elevated vantage point. The music captures the majesty and isolation of the deity, with sweeping arrangements and radiant harmonies that evoke the brilliance of the sun. The existential questioning posed by Helios—whether the gods should end humanity’s reign—serves as a poignant reflection on human behavior and the consequences of our actions. This track closes the EP on a note of introspection, encouraging listeners to consider their place in the world and the legacy they leave behind.

Running the Gauntlet is a masterful blend of storytelling and musicianship, with HVALROSS demonstrating their ability to weave complex narratives into their music. The EP is a testament to the band’s skill in crafting songs that are not only sonically captivating but also rich in thematic depth. Through the lens of historical and mythical figures, the band explores universal themes of struggle, introspection, and the human condition, making Running the Gauntlet a resonant and thought-provoking listen. Each track stands as a pillar, supporting a structure that invites listeners to journey through the gauntlets of their own lives, confront their battles, and reflect on the broader tapestry of human existence.

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