New Music Review: GEORGE GRITZBACH ‘Full Circle’

GEORGE GRITZBACH 'Full Circle' - Cover Photo
George Gritzbach - Full Circle

1 All About Now
2 Sweet Misery
3 One Race, Many Faces
4 Sally-O
5 Never Far Away
6 Cheap Thrill
7 Black Rose
 8 Roots Rhythm & Blues
9 Burning at Both Ends
10 Better Than Gold

George Gritzbach’s new album entitled Full Circle brings a 10 new blues infused songs.

Gritzbach is supported  throughout by a seasoned rhythm section featuring Scott Lariviere on bass, Christian McCarthy on drums, Johnny Menezes on keyboards with Peter Murry on saxophone. Funky horn lines add flavor, spice and texture throughout the album. The album also features guest appearances by critically acclaimed harmonica great Jerry PortnoyPortnoy was a fixture in the Muddy Waters Band and also toured with Eric Clapton.

The album opens with “All About Now” featuring a fast paced drum solo before diving into guitars with well timed guitar hooks and horns that brighten the setting. The follow up track “Sweet Misery” starts at much slower pace bringing the tone down showcasing the classic blues sound one would find in classic movies with a bar setting. “Never Far Away” features powerful vocals with a lovely guitar working in tandem with the horns drawing the listener in for more. “Black Rose” is a slow burning song that creeps up on the listener from a dark setting before drawing in the guitars and exploring what one’s purpose is. “Better Than Gold” closes this album starts off with a strumming guitar and rolling drums for a down home older country send off.

This album gets better and better with each listen and a must have in any blues collection

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