New Music Review: FASTEST LAND ANIMAL ‘East Coast, West Coast, In Between’

FASTEST LAND ANIMAL 'East Coast West Coast In Between' - Cover Photo

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

FASTEST LAND ANIMAL is: Screamin’ Jack Novak (vocals) aka John Cusimano, Alfonse Castillo (guitars and bass) aka Jonny Blaze and Shark Samuels (drums) aka Andrew Meskin

REVIEW – This year’s highly anticipated follow-up from Fastest Land Animal, East Coast, West Coast, In Between, was filmed entirely in isolation across the country. Screamin’ Jack Novak (vocals), also known as John Cusimano, Alfonse Castillo (guitars and bass), also known as Jonny Blaze, and Shark Samuels (drums), also known as Andrew Meskin, recorded their parts separately while at home using video chat. Two singles from the album, “Out of Range” and “Cowboys in Nashville,” were released earlier this fall, with both songs quickly amassing almost a million views on YouTube. Grammy-winning producers Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Good Charlotte) and Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen) worked on the album’s production, while Grammy-winning mastering engineer Ted Jensen (Guns N’ Roses, The Police) was responsible for the album’s final polish.

The first track on FASTEST LAND ANIMAL’s album, “East Coast, West Coast, In Between,” is titled “Run And Hide,” and it features excellent rhythms, thumping bass, catchy riffs, and melodic vocals. The following tune, “Getaway Car,” invites listeners to break out into a clapping, tapping, and grooving frenzy. As the third track, “Out Of Range,” plays, close your eyes and let the good times roll. The fourth song, “Cowboys In Nashville,” is an upbeat, crunchy punk rock n’ roll number. In the fifth track, “Girl Like You,” you can let yourself get swept away by the music while you grab your air guitar and riff along.

The crowd will be on their feet and swaying all night long after hearing track number six, “My Mistake.” The seventh tune, “Next to You,” has powerful vocals, hammering percussion, thumping bass, and crunchy riffs. Track eight, “Blame You Now,” is an infectious tune that will stay in your head for days. On track nine, “Black Out,” there’s a hypnotic beat that will become entrenched in your head. Tap your feet and chant along to “Perfectly Honest,” the tenth track. Let the eleventh tune, “Mercy Kiss,” will lull you into a deep sleep as ou drift away. The closing track, “Rubber Hits the Road,” will have you dancing, singing, and chanting along by the end.

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