New Music Review: EARTHSIDE ‘Let the Truth Speak’

EARTHSIDE 'Let the Truth Speak' - Cover Photo

Rating: 9 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

EARTHSIDE is: Jamie Van Dyck (guitars/backing vocals), Ben Shanbrom (drums/backing vocals), Frank Sacramone (keyboards), Ryan Griffin (bass/backing vocals)

REVIEW – EARTHSIDE’s latest album, ‘Let the Truth Speak’, is a progressive rock odyssey that takes listeners on a deeply immersive musical journey. The album opens with “But What If We’re Wrong?” – a track that sets the tone with its expansive musicianship and invites listeners to close their eyes and let their imaginations flow.

“We Who Lament” delivers a powerful blend of pounding drums, thumping bass, majestic keyboards, and evocative vocals, creating a rich and intense soundscape. Following this, “Tyranny” stands out with its potent mix of crunchy riffs, screaming leads, and thundering drums, paired with dark, brooding vocals that add depth and intensity to the track.

“Pattern Of Rebirth” is a standout progressive tune that resonates with emotional depth, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reflection. “Watching The Earth Sink” provides a moment of contemplative dreaminess, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its serene and ethereal melody.

The emotional crescendo of the album continues with “The Lesser Evil,” where the hauntingly emotional vocals send shivers down the spine, showcasing the band’s ability to convey deep emotions through music. “Denial’s Aria” is a remarkable space rock-infused track, offering a stellar prog-rock journey that feels both expansive and introspective.

“Vespers” is a track that encapsulates the feeling of being lost in emotional memories, beautifully blending melancholic tones with a sense of hopeful longing. The title track, “Let The Truth Speak,” is a call to action, characterized by its high-energy fist-pumping and head-banging rhythm, coupled with a chant-like chorus that is both catchy and meaningful.

The album closes with “All We Knew And Ever Loved,” a track that takes listeners deep into the realms of their imagination, concluding the album on a note of introspective profundity.

In summary, ‘Let the Truth Speak’ is a testament to EARTHSIDE’s prowess in crafting a progressive rock album that is not only musically intricate and diverse but also emotionally resonant and thought-provoking. It’s an album that not only showcases the band’s technical skill but also their ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level.

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