New Music Review: DERAPS ‘Deraps’

DERAPS 'Deraps' - Cover Photo

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

DERAPS is: Jacob Deraps (vocals/guitars), William Lachance (bass), and Josh Gallagher (drums)

REVIEW – DERAPS is a young, emerging rock ‘n’ roll band comprised of guitarist and lead vocalist Jacob Deraps, bassist William Lachance, and drummer Josh Gallagher. The band is a blast of fresh air on the scene, with such a unique sound, mood, and style that is remarkable in this genre.

Despite the fact that DERAPS take their music and performances so seriously, they are able to perfectly embody the feel and spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. The music of DERAPS transports listeners to the late 1970s on California’s Sunset Strip. At that time, a new breed of bands lead by Van Halen were responsible for rocking the international scene.  It’s easy to hear that these bands had a major influence on the members of DERAPS.

The self-titled powerful hard rock debut album has 11 songs that are packed with energizing rock ‘n’ roll riffs, polished guitar solos, and finely tuned harmony vocals.

DERAPS debut album has what it takes to become a career defining classic. The opening guitar shredding tune “Invasion,” the energizing debut single “Sex, Drugs & Rock N’ Roll,” the pounding “Make Ya Groove,” the iconic “Veins of my Heart,” the remarkable Van Halen-style adventure of “Wild To the Woman,” the mellow Californian summertime feeling of “On My Mind,” and a rocking rendition of THE SWEETS’ hit “Ballroom Blitz” are just some of the highlights!  Make it a point to get a copy and show your support for these guys.

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