New Music Review: CRAZY LIXX ‘Two Shots At Glory’


Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

CRAZY LIXX is: Danny Rexon (vocals), Joél Cirera (drums), Jens Anderson (bass), Chrisse Olsson (guitar), Jens Lundgren (guitar)

REVIEW – CRAZY LIXX‘s ‘Two Shots At Glory,’ scheduled for release on February 16th via Frontiers Records, stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and evolution of glam metal, infused with the band’s signature blend of melodic hooks and hard-hitting riffs. Opening with the title track, “Two Shots At Glory,” the album immediately sets a high-octane tone, offering fist-in-the-air, foot-stomping metal magic paired with great vocals that encapsulate the essence of the genre’s glory days. This energetic kickoff prepares listeners for a journey through a meticulously crafted soundscape that pays homage to the past while pushing forward into new territories.

“Fire It Up (’23)” and “Invincible” keep the momentum surging with their electrifying energy. “Fire It Up (’23)” promises to be an anthem that will have crowds on their feet, fist-pumping, head-banging, and chanting along, capturing the communal spirit at the heart of rock music. “Invincible,” on the other hand, serves as the perfect soundtrack for a highway cruise, with its invitation to play air guitar and lose oneself in the moment, showcasing CRAZY LIXX‘s ability to craft tracks that are as anthemic as they are intimate.

Mid-album tracks like “Lights Out! (’23)” and “Sword And Stone” continue to build on the album’s thematic core of unity and strength through rock. “Lights Out! (’23)” calls listeners to stand as one and rock till they drop, while “Sword And Stone,” a riveting cover of the Bonfire classic, exemplifies fist-pumping, head-banging metal magic, further proving CRAZY LIXX‘s skill in paying tribute to the genre’s icons while maintaining their unique identity. These tracks exemplify the band’s adeptness at balancing nostalgia with fresh energy, creating an experience that feels both familiar and new.

“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (’23)” and “Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll (’23)” delve deeper into the album’s exploration of classic melodic metal, with the former sending shivers down the spine with its classic melodic metal flair, and the latter presenting crunchy, catchy riffs, thumping bass, and pounding drums, all complemented by soaring vocals and screaming leads. These tracks highlight CRAZY LIXX‘s commitment to the genre’s foundational elements, demonstrating their prowess in crafting songs that resonate on both a musical and emotional level.

Closing the album, tracks like “In The Night (’23),” “Only The Dead Know (’23),” “Sympathy (’23),” “Church Of Rock (’23),” and “Riot Avenue (’23)” showcase a wide spectrum of rock anthems that range from catchy fist-pumping tunes to classic metal that sticks in your head for days. “Riot Avenue (’23),” in particular, encapsulates the album’s spirit with its scorching leads, thumping bass, and thundering drums, underscored by amazing vocals. “Two Shots At Glory” is a triumph for CRAZY LIXX, offering a cohesive and compelling collection that not only celebrates the legacy of hair metal but also signals the band’s ongoing contribution to its revival.

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