New Music Review: COBRAKILL ‘Serpent’s Kiss’


Rating: 9.5 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

COBRA KILL is: Nick Adams (vocals), Randy White (guitar), Tommy Gun (guitar), Crippler Ramirez (bass), Toby Ventura (drums)


COBRAKILL‘s ‘Serpent’s Kiss‘ is an electrifying homage to the glory days of 80’s hair metal, wrapped up in a neon bow of nostalgia and cheeky modern flair. This album struts onto the music scene with the confidence of a teased hair, leather-clad rocker ready to take the world by storm, one power chord at a time. It’s a raucous celebration of the genre’s most beloved clichés, from anthemic fist pumps to air-guitar solos so infectious, you’d swear your living room has transformed into a smoke-filled arena.

The opening track, “Above The Law,” crashes the party like a bandana-wearing, guitar-slinging hero from a bygone era, setting a high-octane pace with its foot-stomping, head-banging magic. “Bazooka” follows suit, keeping the adrenaline pumping and inviting listeners to unleash their inner rock gods, all while wrestling with an invisible guitar. “Concrete Jungle” then shifts gears ever so slightly, planting a chorus so catchy in your brain, it might just set up permanent residence, proving COBRAKILL‘s prowess in crafting hooks that stick like spandex.

As the album progresses, “Razor Blade” and “Monstrous” keep the energy soaring high. “Razor Blade” serves as a rallying cry for denim-clad warriors of the night, itching to rock until dawn, while “Monstrous” offers a groove so captivating, it could easily become the soundtrack for an epic air-band battle, complete with wind machines and pyrotechnics.

In a glorious nod to the past, “Same Ol’ Nasty Rock N’ Roll” and “Torture Me” transport listeners back to a time when heavy melodic rock was king, and the only things bigger than the egos were the hairstyles. “Same Ol’ Nasty Rock N’ Roll” is a decadent trip down memory lane, dripping with the swagger of yesteryear, while “Torture Me” commands an arena-worthy clap-along, foot-tap frenzy, embodying the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll excess.

The album takes a melodramatic turn with “Hungry Heart” and “Seventeen,” diving into the emotional depths only a power ballad can reach. “Hungry Heart” sways with an irresistible groove, pulling at the heartstrings, while “Seventeen” drenches us in a wave of nostalgia, its poignant lyrics wrapped in a velvet glove of melodic guitar solos.

Closing out this spectacular tribute, “Silent Running,” “Ride My Rocket,” and “Velvet Snakeskin” ensure ‘Serpent’s Kiss‘ ends with a bang. “Silent Running” brings the drama with its standout rhythms and vocal acrobatics, while “Ride My Rocket” propels the crowd into a frenzy of fist-pumping and chant-along ecstasy. “Velvet Snakeskin” rounds off the album with a blistering display of technical skill and melodic mastery, a fitting end to a wild ride through the heart of 80’s hair metal territory.

Serpent’s Kiss‘ by COBRAKILL is a flamboyant, over-the-top journey back to the era of hair metal with a wink and a nod. It’s an album that doesn’t just pay tribute to the genre; it relives it in all its spandex-clad glory, delivering a powerhouse of tracks that are as bombastic as they are irresistibly fun. This is a record for those who miss the days when rock stars were larger than life, music videos were a spectacle, and every song was an excuse to let loose and rock out. COBRAKILL proves with ‘Serpent’s Kiss‘ that hair metal isn’t just a moment in time—it’s a state of mind.

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