KILFEATHER Stream Entirety of ‘Armchair Revolutionaries’  Album

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Kilfeather Streams Entirety of ‘Armchair Revolutionaries’ Album

San Diego’s KILFEATHER is streaming the entirety of Armchair Revolutionaries in advance of it’s release on August 12, 2022. The album is a 13 track cacophony of freak-out musical consciousness unearthing the dark side of society. Since 2006, KILFEATHER has been involved with numerous musical outfits and has shared stages with the likes of Wayne Kramer (MC5), Kyle Gass (TENACIOUS D), Danny Carey (TOOL), Steven Adler (GUNS N’ ROSES), and John 5 (ROB ZOMBIE).

KILFEATHER comments “The new album is a neo art punk atom bomb filled with fury and oozing vats of psychedelic madness. Landing on planet earth from Golden Robot Global Entertainment’s Riot Records, I am back from the cosmic warp of space to deliver a brand new 13 track cacophony of freak-out musical consciousness.”

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A raw collection of powerful tracks, Armchair Revolutionaries brings to light what would prefer to remain unseen accompanied by a wealth of energy, catchy riffs and anthemic choruses. Crossing genres including the likes of rock, punk, classic metal, with a psychedelic twist, KILFEATHER delivers an eclectic concoction of dynamic sounds. Kicking off with “Nightmares”, this horror themed thrill ride brings rock & roll  with an eerie twist. Musically, “Predator” takes a turn into lightning fast-punk realms. Written about predators in the scene making the space unsafe, this raucous attack delivers an important message. “Human Zoo” ventures into progressive psychedelic domains with alluring, sultry vocals, heavy distorted guitars and thundering percussion. Become immersed in the psych rock madhouse that is “Into the Light”. Driving guitars and exhilarating riffs manifest a fever dream tornado. Keep your medicine on hand for the “Viral Outbreak Blues”. Crunchy bass and groove rhythms, produce a catchy melody that will soon have you feeling better, hopefully. Armchair Revolutionaries draws to a close with “Plants”. Firmly rooted in the ground, a free spirit grows up among the intricate guitar motifs, invigorating rhythms and charismatic vocals. Progressively travelling through different moods, from manifesting a meditative sound, to diving headfirst into a heavy storm. 

Armchair Revolutionaries exposes a less than flattering reflection of our divided existence, through a compelling array of energizing tracks. The album showcases the versatility and captivating nature of KILFEATHER’s compositions. Unceasing energy from beginning to end, Armchair Revolutionaries is a listening experience not to be missed. 

K. Kilfeather on Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics, Bass, Drums, and Synth.