ICE NINE KILLS Slays House of Blues New Orleans

ICE NINE KILLS by Josh Davis - Cover Photo

Masses of fans flooded into the Voodoo Capital, New Orleans on a journey to the world of Horrorwood, created by the band of psychopaths known as Ice Nine Kills.

Ice Nine Kills murders it on stage with their slashcore music and a theatrical performance. The show opened with the playing of “Opening Night” with the words to the song scrolling on twin video panels on each side of the stage. Vocalist Spencer Charnas began singing the melodic intro to “Welcome to Horrorwood”. Followed by Bassist JoeQT with backing harmonies. As the rest of the band in suits and masks followed behind.

“Savages” was the next up with Charnas brandishing a chain saw in the air paying homage to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Other weapons on display throughout the night included a machete, hook, and blade glove reminiscent of the Friday the 13th, Candyman, and Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

Not much banter through the night as they kept the music flowing. A favorite of mine, “Hip to be Scared” was played about midway through the set list and I was so happy to finally hear and see it live. Since the release of that song it is in constant rotation on my playlist.

a 16 song setlist, finishing with “It is The End” of course, was just what I wanted to see out of these psychos. I can’t wait for the tour this year including Black Veil Brides and Motionless in White. What a lineup.

Photos by Josh Davis and Vera Salvo