“Half As Cool,” The New Single From Theo Kandel, Out February 10

Above: single cover art for “Half as Cool”


LOS ANGELES, CA (January 27, 2022) — We all wish we could be as cool as we used to be…and a little less “cheugy” (Google it). Los Angeles-based alternative singer-songwriter Theo Kandel wishes he could be just half as cool

Out on Thursday, February 10, “Half as Cool” has Kandel embracing his early 2000s pop-punk influences while utilizing his modern storytelling ability to deliver a song that’s already generating strong anticipation among his 100k+ TikTok followers. Fans can pre-save the single here

Earlier this month, Theo teased “Half as Cool” — co-produced by Kandel, Wingtip and Ben “Beep” Pleasant — on TikTok and the video has already amassed over 280k views

“It’s about being in your twenties and having no CLUE what’s going on,” says Theo of the new song. “Looking at yourself in the mirror and expecting to see a teenager, remembering the days when it felt like you could do or be anything you wanted to be, when a crazy night was staying up until 4am playing video games with your friends. Trying to get back to that mentality! Balancing the optimism of a kid with the responsibilities of an adult.”

 Last year, alternative singer-songwriter Theo Kandel set his sights on the West Coast in what he calls the “final frontier” on a journey of music influence and inspiration that settled in Los Angeles. The journey began in New York City where he grew up learning classical and jazz violin before picking up the guitar. “Growing up in New York, I got super into folk music – that was what drove me to write initially – but I always found that my music was too pop to be completely folk, and too folk to be completely pop,” Kandel says. 

 It wasn’t until he moved to Nashville, TN that he began honing his craft into something a bit more mainstream, despite an initial aversion to the word. “It definitely sounds cheesy, but in Nashville, the song itself is king. Writing better songs is literally the goal there. For a while I hated the idea of my music being labeled as ‘pop,’ but ‘pop’ actually just means accessible – relatable – whatever. So hopefully, the better my songs are, the more people can find a little bit of their own stories in there.”

 His 2021 EP, Spin Cycle, found the exceptional artist arriving at the peak of those New York and Nashville influences that molded his creativity. What comes across in the six-song collection is equally vulnerable as it is highly unique. The songs are musically complex, layered, and blend a variety of instrumentation that creates a special alchemy; a musical fingerprint that directly identifies Kandel. 

Above: Theo Kandel; credit: Moriah Ziman

Recent praise for Theo Kandel:

“Candid, accessible and uninhibited lyricism outline alternative pop singer-songwriter Theo Kandel,” detailed FLAUNT

 Under The Radar said, “The EP [Spin Cycle] sees Kandel embracing his pop side and storytelling roots, marrying them for an emotive concept record.” 

 Ones To Watch raved,“Theo Kandel is as honest and uninhibited as ever…the hooky chorus [on ‘i don’t wanna think about that’] oozes with hurt and self-reflection…the record [Spin Cycle] is musically intricate, layered, and blends a variety of instrumentation that creates a solid sonic identity that directly distinguishes Kandel as an artist.”