Exclusive Interview with Bas Von Bismark of AXMINISTER

Hailing from the frozen tundra of Ontario, AXMINISTER are the heroes of metal the world needs!

Initially formed back in the forgotten mists of metallic history (1999); the power-trio AXMINISTER looked upon how po-faced metal had become; and yay, and verily, did they pull their mighty Ax from its anvil where it had rested, Excalibur-like, until it was needed; and set out to put the metal world to rights…that is as it should be! They are here to minister the metal; and they have their mighty Ax; their symbol of salvation to guide them.

In magic and metal myth, names have power, and none more so than AXMINISTER, as splendidly-named drummer Bas Von Bismark explains. “We play warriors of metal on a holy quest. Our preferred weapon is the Ax. It’s also a street name where we partook in libations as teenagers.”

Inspired by Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Bas describes AXMINISTER’s sound as “sped up Type O Negative.”

L-R – Tim Smith (Guitars), Nicholas Klaus (Vox/Bass Guitar), Bas von Bismark (Drums)

Bas is stoked for fans to hear AXMINISTER’s new music, their forthcoming 2018 EP “The Crucible of Sin” to follow singles “Visceral Speed” (2017), “AXistential Christmas” (2015), “Unborn Warriors: The Cries of Tomorrow” (2015) and full length “Betray Everything” (2015).

INFRARED MAG:  If you could tell the younger you anything what would it be?

BAS VON BISMARK: Less Party and more Practice.

INFRARED MAG: Who would you like to perform with?

BAS VON BISMARK: Any of the thrash giants, from municipal waste to Megadeth.

INFRARED MAG: You seem very theatrical. Is entertainment part of your writing process?

BAS VON BISMARK: Our songs contain visual themes that translate well into a theatrical performances. The music is what is important as the theatrics come after.

INFRARED MAG: What is in the works for AxMinister?

BAS VON BISMARK: We are taking a year off from live shows in order to focus on writing and we are going to be releasing three more videos containing the storyline started in the first two videos.

INFRARED MAG: In your video “Salvation” you had corpse makeup, what was your influence for that?

BAS VON BISMARK: It was just random the idea is to add another dimension to the live show.

INFRARED MAG: What bands are you listening to right now?

BAS VON BISMARK: Really into Ex Morris right now. Though the classics will always be played on regular rotations bands ranging from Death and Cannibal Corpse to Motorhead and Megadeth. There’s also great Indie Talent out there and I am currently addicted to an amazing traditional metal band from Windsor Ontario called Antioch and another excellent Ontario black and thrash band called North Shroud there is also metal Nation radio you got to get that app great music and DJs.

BAS VON BISMARK adds: find us on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Also, support your local metal venues, go see the smaller bands and buy their shirts there’s a lot of great music out there and most of it is independent and those guys work their asses off with little or no reward so go out there. Skip seeing Maiden and support your local Acts they actually need your money and your support.

Nicholas Klaus – Bass and Vocals
Bas von Bismark- Drums
Tim Smith- Guitar

For more information on AXMINISTER, visit:

www.Twitter.com/ AxMinisterTRIO