New Music Review: BOKASSA ‘All Out of Dreams’

BOKASSA 'All Out of Dreams' - COVER PHOTO

Rating: 8.5 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

BOKASSA is: Jørn Kaarstad, Olav Dowkes, Bård Linga

REVIEW – BOKASSA‘s latest offering, ‘All Out of Dreams,’ due out on February 16th, marks a significant entry into the heavy metal and rock spheres, demonstrating the band’s prowess in melding thunderous riffs, compelling vocal performances, and an array of rhythms that promise to keep listeners engaged from start to finish. The album opens with “The Ending Starts Today,” setting a high bar with its crunching riffs and strong vocals, layered over steady rhythms and screaming guitars, creating an atmosphere of defiance and resilience. It’s a powerful opening that immediately grabs attention, preparing the listener for the dynamic journey ahead.

As we move into “Garden Of Heathen” and “Straight Edgelord,” the album takes on a fist-pumping, head-banging quality that embodies the spirit of metal music. “Garden Of Heathen” envelops the senses with its relentless energy, driving listeners into a state of euphoria. Following closely, “Straight Edgelord” commands the pit with its invitation to mosh till exhaustion, showcasing BOKASSA‘s ability to create anthems that are as aggressive as they are engaging. These tracks highlight the band’s knack for crafting songs that not only resonate with the metal community but also demand physical engagement.

The title track, “All Out Of Dreams,” along with “Bradford Death Squadron,” showcase a slightly different aspect of BOKASSA‘s musical prowess. “All Out Of Dreams” sways with a groove that encourages listeners to sing and shout along, presenting a somewhat more melodic approach without sacrificing intensity. “Bradford Death Squadron,” on the other hand, is a slow burn that pulls you into the depths of your imagination with its immersive storytelling and instrumental depth, proving the band’s versatility and ability to evoke vivid imagery through music.

“Lets Storm The Capital” and “Everyone Fails In The End” return to the heavy, hard-hitting roots with crunchy riffs, thundering drums, thumping bass, and scorching leads, complemented by strong vocals. These tracks are quintessential BOKASSA, combining relentless energy with compelling lyrical content that pushes against the boundaries of the genre. The sheer power and aggression found here encapsulate the band’s commitment to delivering uncompromising metal music.

Concluding the album, “Gung Ho,” “No More Good Days,” and “Crush (All Heretics)” solidify “All Out of Dreams” as a monumental release. “Gung Ho” and “No More Good Days” are anthems of rebellion, featuring fist-pumping, head-banging, and foot-stomping rhythms alongside shredding guitars and pounding drums. Meanwhile, “Crush (All Heretics)” stands out as a heavy, emotional tune that envelops the senses, ending the album on a high note that leaves listeners craving more. Through “All Out of Dreams,” BOKASSA cements their place in the metal world, offering an album that is as diverse as it is powerful, showcasing their evolution while staying true to their roots.

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