EPK – Asylence – Endanger Us All (2023)

EPK – Asylence – Endanger Us All (2023)

EPK – Asylence – Endanger Us All (2023)

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“We hope that everyone is ready for our greatest effort which is Endanger Us All. We couldn’t be more proud of how this album came together. Listeners who are familiar with us will hear some material they are used to and a lot of new attitudes that they have never heard before. Our first EP was merely an introduction to what we can do compared to the range this record has achieved.

We were faced with a decision on whether or not to include some of our oldest songs on this record which we never had properly recorded. After we realized how well our new and old material blended for a well-balanced experience from start to finish we really started to understand the raw energy this album radiates.

It’s heavy, it’s deadly,” – Ayslence

For fans of Arch Enemy, Devildriver, In Flames, Amon Amarth 

Album Title: Endanger Us All
Release Date: February 24, 2023
Label: Self-Release
Distribution: CDBaby

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“There’s some truly fierce deathcore emerging from the Midwest. One of the most promising acts from the region is Asylence. Not only do they lean into the tropes of the genre (Gotta love that quick little bass fill before the vocals kick in!) but their brand new video, ‘Arrows For Christ’ is absolutely killer!” – Metal Injection

“Eulogy of Man features top musicianship and is a heavy, melodic, groove-laden group of songs sure to excite old-school heads as well as forward-thinking fans of modern bands.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

“Michigan metal outfit Asylence have teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere a video for their emotionally-driven new song, “Endanger Us All.” – Metal Insider

“Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with going with a classic formula and hitting it out of the park.” – Dead Rhetoric

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Album Title: Endanger Us All
Release Date: February 24, 2023
Label: Self-Release
Distribution: CDBaby

Track Listing:
1. A Call To Arms – 0:55
2. Endanger Us All – 3:53
3. The Garden of Disrespect – 3:34
4. Eternity, Please – 3:37
5. In Solidarity, We Die – 3:32
6. Arrows For Christ – 3:25
7. In This Hell – 3:47
8. Soulless – 3:32
9. A War Waging Within – 3:16
Album Length: 29:35

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Asylence
• All songs written by: Asylence
• Produced by: Aaron Lumsden
• Mixed by: Aaron Lumsden
• Mastered by: Aaron Lumsden
• Album Artwork by: Diyaco Paymazd

Album and Live Band Lineup:
Ryan Lang – Vocals
Aaron Lumsden – Guitar
Alex Aubuchon – Drums
Richard Olrich – Bass Guitar


Track By Track Explanation:

The album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY) Lyrically this album is mixed because of the timeline in which songs were written, but overall I feel like it hits the way it was meant to. I try to convey a message to our audience more than I try to shock with vulgarity, and my message is usually that of self awareness and the horrors that can occur under the guise of salvation. Musically these songs weave the emotion and intensity of our message.

Track by track (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY).

2. Endanger Us All – This song is the perfect representation of the direction we want to continue for our music. Each of our songs is personal to me Lyrically but this one really just spilled out of me. How we all felt during the pandemic like we were dirty or some kind of contagion to be careful around others and to isolate ourselves despite how the loneliness can affect you.

3. The Garden of Disrespect – This is one of my favorite of our newer material, it just goes so hard. This song was fun to write, super morbid, and to the point. You can’t take it with you, we’re all gonna die, be humble.

4. Eternity, Please – About as dark and brooding as it gets on the album is this song. We really show some black metal roots at the start and then right into our own sound with a splash of something experimental for us, this is a bit of a ride. The lyrics tell a tale of a king who wanders his halls with no question to his reign but still he suffers. Heavy and lonely is the crown, and the years can feel like an eternity alone.

5. In Solidarity We Die – This song is Aaron’s favorite, and for good reason. The guys really put their heads together on this one, musically this song just rips with a melodic twist on the chorus. The song to me sounds like it was written by the last person on Earth, writing the final texts about the tragic failing of humankind that brought us to our doom.

6. Arrows for Christ – Arrows for Christ was inspired by the tale of an American Christian Missionary who in 2018 illegally traveled to the North Sentinel Island in an attempt to preach Christianity to the isolated Sentinelese tribe. On the third day he was killed by the tribe, and as he requested in his journal, his remains were never recovered

7. We Are The Devils –  This was actually the first song we ever wrote as a band.  It really shows the progression we have taken since we all started it’s all started, we still love this song and play it often. This song basically says if we are all doomed we might as well have a good time

8. Soulless – This is another oldie but a goodie. One of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written especially early on in the band. This is screaming in an addict’s face. This is how hard it is to see a loved one fade away into the depths of addiction.

9. A War Waging Within – This song goes way back but still holds its own on the album. This is an old-school angry metal song straight forward in-your-face “sick of this shit” attitude.



1. The ending to Soulless was actually first written off the cuff live. We screwed up how it was supposed to end and just ran with it and the crowd loved it. We did too, so we made sure to add it to the final song.

2. We found our bassist and friend Richard Olrich on Craigslist, which we are told rarely works out. We are certainly glad it did for us!

3. Ryan named the band after the now Haunted attraction and former actual insane asylum from his hometown, Eloise.

4. The A War Waging Within lyrics about a “world of shit” was inspired by the movie Full Metal Jacket and the original title for the song was Full Metal Jackass.

5. Aaron has his own production company Akuro Productions and has become the band’s main source for promo pictures and video content. Truly a jack of all trades!

L-R – Alex Aubuchon – Drums,  Aaron Lumsden – Guitar, Ryan Lang – Vocals, Richard Olrich – Bass

Asylence (uh-sigh-lence): A hybrid of the words Asylum and Silence, when joined together, present a universal idea and timeless message: The constant suffering and failures of mankind. After the dissolution of drummer Alex Aubuchon’s highly active, long-standing thrash band, he began to focus his efforts on recruiting for his new project. He discovered the talent of guitarist Aaron Lumsden, an avid scene supporter who frequented many local and regional shows.

A dedicated relationship quickly formed between the pair, and Asylence was born. Frontman Ryan Lang, having been a mainstay in the Detroit metal scene but group-less at the time, was Asylence’s first choice to handle vocal duties. Ryan accepted, excited at the idea of hitting the stage once again. Shortly after, bassist Richard Olrich joined the group to complete the sound. A new era of heavy metal ensued.

Forged from the melting pot of Detroit’s underground metal scene, Asylence is a well-oiled metal machine built with passion, intent, and ferocity like no other. Since their formation in 2016, Asylence has been on a path of sonic destruction as they crush their audiences with fierce live performances throughout Michigan and surrounding states, opening for national acts such as Archspire, Belphegor, and Sea of Treachery, among others. Taking no prisoners and amassing a loyal, respecting fan base in the Midwest and beyond, behold the rise of Asylence.

Album and Live Band Lineup:
Ryan Lang – Vocals
Aaron Lumsden – Guitar
Alex Aubuchon – Drums
Richard Olrich – Bass Guitar

2023 – (Upcoming) Endanger Us All – LP
2020 – Eulogy Of Man – EP
2016 – Forge The Void – Demo

Shared Stage with:
Destruction, Belphegor, Archspire, Cryptopsy, Warbringer, Traitors, Origin, Signs of the Swarm, Sea of Treachery, Jungle Rot, Defeated Sanity, Widowmaker, Bury Your Dead, The Convalescence, VCTMS, Filth, Dyscarnate, Kissing Candice, Falsifier, Obliterate, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Panzerfaust

Tours and Festivals:
2019 – Pizza Show – Warren, MI
2018 – Detroit Metal Festival – Detroit, MI
2018 – My Home Your Hell Tour – Warren, MI
2017 – North American Totenritual – Detroit, MI
2017 – Bloodletting North America XI – Westland, MI
2017 – North America Under Attack – Detroit, MI

Music Placements if any (Movies, Commercials)
Fuzz & Malloy S02E02 “The Spooky Houseguest” – https://youtu.be/gzp4AuYTcHI