EASTER BUNNY KILL! KILL! (2006) - Cover Photo


1h 30m | Horror | Not Rated | 04 August 2006

From Chad Ferrin, the acclaimed director of the cult hit Someone’s Knocking At The Door, comes this twisted and frightening low-budget shocker, a stylish and totally original confection where gore, violence, suspense and humor all intersect for a creepy and shocking good time. It’s Easter, sixteen-year-old Nicholas’ favorite holiday. When the mentally and physically disabled youth’s mother, Mindy, begins a relationship with a psycho killer, bizarre events begin to unfold – especially after Nicholas takes a seemingly normal rabbit into the house. But when home intruders, prostitutes and street trash are murdered in bizarre gruesome ways, just who is the bunny-masked killer committing these horrendous crimes?

Director: Chad Ferrin
Writers: Chad Ferrin
Starring: Timothy Muskatell, Ricardo Gray, Charlotte Marie, David Z. Stamp, Jose I. Lopez, Marina Blumenthal, Ernesto Redarta, Amy Szychowski, Kele Ward, Max Haaga, Wolf Dangler, Granny, Jeffrey Sisson, Kirk Sever, Trent Haaga

EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL! | Official Trailer:

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