Cody Weaver Raises Hell With New Single and Video “One About The Devil”

NASHVILLE, TN (October 29, 2021) — Country rock artist Cody Weaver raises hell in his latest single, “One About The Devil,” out today. Accompanied with a music video, the song’s outlaw-leaning arrangement creates a sonic foundation — ripe for this early 1900’s thrill-themed video, that is just in time for Halloween.

Driven by a traditional country sound with elements of rock guitar, percussion, and classical inspired arpeggios, “‘One About The Devil’ is a tale about breaking generational curses, and defeating the devil within yourself,” says Weaver. “A story of death and rebirth, and beauty from ashes.” This is evident in the music video’s production, which also includes a cameo of Weaver’s newly first-born son.