Watch SNAKEBLADE’s Slithering New Music Videos For “Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow” & “The Red Mage’s Seduction”, New Album “The Curse” Out Now!


Montreal, QC – November 4, 2021


Watch SNAKEBLADE’s Slithering New Music Videos For “Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow” & “The Red Mage’s Seduction”

New Album “The Curse” Out Now!

Snakeblade, the Vancouver-based one-man project created by Mike Redston has posted two new slithering music videos for “Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow” and “The Red Mage’s Seduction” off the latest album “The Curse” released on October 13th.

Watch the videos at the following links:

Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow” –


The Red Mage’s Seduction” –


Self-coined as “One-Man Nerdy’n’Dirty Black Metal”, over the past year and a half, the ever intrepid Mike Redston aka Snakeblade has written, performed, and recorded two albums, “The Kingdom” in 2020 and “The Curse” in 2021. “The Curse” is quite an evolution, growing in both complexity and scale with the addition of a session drummer to handle the kit. Mike Redston formed the solo project in the midst of the pandemic, as a distraction. To deepen the escape, all his lyrics surrounded fantasy concepts from his favorite series – Game of Thrones.

“Snakeblade is where all my nerdiness gets released. On “The Curse”, I wanted to zero in on one of my all-time favorite fantasy series – Game of Thrones. As I started writing though, more personal experiences started to creep into my lyrics. What came out is a melting pot of themes from Game of Thrones and my personal shit. Lyrics inspired by GOT mostly revolve around the plotlines of The Red Woman, Stannis Baratheon, and The Lord of Light religion. Mix all this with my own experiences of betrayal, failure, and rage and you’ve got The Curse.”

“The Curse” is ten tracks of dark, dirty, and epic non-traditional black metal, and has a total running time of 43 minutes. It was written and performed by Redston except for the drums, which were performed by Dennis Kraakman. The album artwork was done by Elizabeth Holmes.

Snakeblade isn’t destined to be a studio project forever, Redston says, “Live shows are definitely in the cards as I want to bring these songs to a concert setting with a ton of energy and a fun atmosphere.

Snakeblade embraces a wide variety of metal subgenres and is recommended for fans of Skeletonwitch, Dimmu Borgir, and Death.

Digital stream and download available on Snakeblade.bandcamp.comYouTubeSpotifyApple Music.

Track Listing:
1. Destiny (Intro) (1:42)
2. Rotten Souls (6:48)
3. Harvester (3:35)
4. Dreams of Aida (1:53)
5. The Red Mage’s Seduction (6:01)
6. Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow (5:04)
7. Godswood (2:28)
8. Born Among Salt and Smoke (5:46)
9. Archways (3:05)
10. Exile, Outlaw… The Essence (6:34)
Album Length: 42:56

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Mike Redston
Drums performed by Dennis Kraakman
Artwork by Elizabeth Holmes
‘Dreams of Aida’ co-produced with Macca Grills
‘Godswood’ co-produced with Logan Macdonald
• All songs written by: Mike Redston
• Produced by: Mike Redston
• Album Artwork by: Elizabeth Holmes
• Member of SOCAN
• Music is Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album Band Line Up:
Mike Redston – Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar,
Dennis Kraakman – Drums

For more info:

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Snakeblade was formed by Mike Redston as an escapist project while the entire world was quarantined. What came out of this anxious time may surprise you though, as Snakeblade refuses to follow typical one-man black metal trends. Every song on their debut album The Kingdom explodes with energy and youthful rage, delivering a pummelling of riffs, blastbeats, and shrieking vocals. With lyrical topics of fantasy, medieval battles, lord of the rings, and video games, Snakeblade is a headbanging nerd’s wet dream. Now on their second effort, the one-man project delves into bold new territory adding orchestral and electro elements to the blackened thrashy chaos that is: The Curse.

2020 – The Kingdom
2021 – The Curse

– 30 –

“intense shrieks, murderous riffs, and all the fantasy black metal you need!” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“This new song (The Red Mage’s Seduction) is a wild but multi-faceted thrill-ride. A burst of jolting riffage launches the track, and as it grows more feverish it provokes a long, throat-ruining scream. The drums (performed by session drummer Dennis Kraakman) hammer and spit like machine guns as the bass bubbles and the guitar writhes in flames. There are chilling moments when slashing chords, slithering arpeggios, and flickering spectral solos sound like magic spells cast in sound by a viciously demented sorceror and the vocals descend into monstrous croaking growls, only to have the song erupt again in chaotic incendiary gales. The song’s feeling of magical mystery and ominous peril emerges again and rises to towering heights, elevated by grand synths and gigantic booms. Once there, an extravagant extended guitar solo lights the listener’s nerve endings on fire without relinquishing the music’s aura of sorcery run amok. The song slashes and burns again, with the elaborate layering of guitars, tumultuous percussion, and slaughtering screams creating an ecstatic finale.” – No Clean Singing

“This one man black metal project from Canada, spearheaded by Mike Redston, wastes no time in pushing the pedal to the metal and letting it all go. No, seriously; the very first track on his new album, The Kingdom, has an insanely flamboyant and satisfying guitar solo, breakneck drums, and vocal shrieks aplenty.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Snakeblade Goes Beyond Black Metal Trappings on ‘The Kingdom’” – Exclaim!

“It’s safe to say that Snakeblade’s musical genius will quickly outgrow Redston’s one-man credo, for other musicians will surely seek out his vision. That he has crafted such venomous metal that is still wildly entertaining during this pandemic is a huge accomplishment, and The Kingdom will appeal to fans of this black metal style, particularly followers of Mayhem, Borknagar and classic Slayer.” – Exclaim!

“This is absolutely my jam, and The Kingdom is one of my favorite albums of the year so far.” – Toilet ov Hell

“I am compelled to say that SNAKEBLADE most definitely delivered an utmost maddening, but enjoyably entertaining discovery that made me replay this …pretty much all day long. “The Kingdom” is an addicting spin that will blow brains & shatter windows with explosive clarity. Full of density, technical prowess & engaging captivation. This is an incredibly amazing debut album, and I will most look forward to their upcoming projects. And for a singular writing attempt, bravo! I couldn’t help but score this as a masterful piece of other-worldly malevolence which most certainly deserves a slot in your collection for sure. Check it out!” – Metal Temple


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