New Music Review: VEXED ‘Culling Culture’

VEXED 'Culling Culture' - Cover Photo

Rating: 9 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

REVIEW – Vexed is coming for your throats. This up and coming UK band offers a very violent and often shocking musical direction that may make them stand out from the rest. “ Culling Culture” does not waste any time getting its point across. They ease you in for this false sense of security and then here comes this riff and a vocal delivery that will floor you immediately. Now, before you think this is like all other deathcore bands. Vexed throws some technical playing along with rhythmic vocals. Megan Targett is from a planet all her own. This woman has a vocal range that is just jaw dropping. “ Fake” caught my attention very quickly. This woman does not have time to play around, she gets right to the base and dares anyone to cross the line.

Her death growls are furious on this track. As with this cd, as powerful as her deathcore growls are, she throws clean vocals that just floor you with such a fresh feeling. “ Narcissist” is another banger that just wants to establish very fast that this band is fucking serious. The surprise of this cd was that as it went on, so did the melody. There are moments that feel very prog-like. It is those unexpected moments that you really feel that this band is only discovering what it truly can do. “ Drift” is that song that feels like a dream sequence which falls on the lap of “ Aurora” that just showcases that this band has its hands on the pulse and knows where metal music seems to be heading. “Lazarus” is the best way to close out this journey. It is loud and will have your attention from open to close in a way that you want to just start the whole journey again. This cd offers a buffet of sounds from deathcore, metalcore to prog. The sad reality of this cd is that in a year of bands like Spiritbox, that this cd may go unnoticed. This cd is very unique and special. To think this is how the band begins. I am excited about what could be next.

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