New Music Review: TYRANTS OF CHAOS ‘Relentless Thirst for Power’

TYRANTS OF CHAOS 'Relentless Thirst for Power' - Cover Photo

Rating: 9 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

TYRANTS OF CHAOS is: Phil Sirias (vocals), Curtiss Vaselenak (rhythm/lead guitar), Arik Wagner (rhythm/lead guitar), Sean Simpson (bass), Ryan Dyck (drums)

REVIEW – TYRANTS OF CHAOS are an original traditional metal band from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Founding member Curtiss Vaselenak formed the band in 2013. After going through several member changes the TYRANTS are now solid and at the height of their musical career. Phil (air raid siren) Sirias, drummer Ryan Dyck, ax-slinger Arik Wagner, and Sean ‘the Slayer’ Simpson round out this hard‐driving, in-your-face metal band. Their live show is something every metalhead needs to experience.

Since forming TYRANTS OF CHAOS, the band has released two albums 2016’s debut and “THE CALM BEFORE the STORM,” and 2019’s “Into Oblivion” and have played and headlined numerous shows and festivals in support of their album. There is no slowing down in the TYRANT camp as third and newest album “Relentless Thirst for Power” is set for released during summer 2022. All genres have influenced their sound, but none so much as the NWOBHM. If you appreciate Saxon, Maiden, or Priest, you will love TYRANTS OF CHAOS!

“T.O.C.” is the first track off of TYRANTS OF CHAOS’ ‘Relentless Thirst for Power.’ The track is an immediate, fist-pumping, head-banging power metal classic. The next track, “The Black Gap,” will have fans reaching for their air guitars and grooving out. “Mourning Sickness” is the third track and has crunching riffs, hammering drums, thumping bass, scorching leads, and soaring vocals. The following track is “Skull Crusher,” which has catchy riffs, thunderous rhythms, incredible vocals, and searing leads. The next track, “Slay The Hostages,” will entirely immerse the listener’s spirit in it’s pure metal mayhem.

The next track, “Red Rage,” is a really powerful emotional piece that will overwhelm the listener’s thoughts. “Nightmare Machine” is a fist-pumping, head-banging, nightmare-inducing metal masterpiece on the album’s eighth track. The next track, “Indoctri-Nation,” will once again have listeners clutching their air guitars and riffing out while pumping their fists and stomping their feet. The next track, “No Lives Matter,” is a groovy, chant-inducing track with a beat that is sure to get listener rocking. TYRANTS OF CHAOS close out ‘Relentless Thirst for Power’ with the pummeling track “Lucky Dog” and its crunching guitars, banging bass, thunderous drums and blistering leads.

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